Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 752

Jonathan and Tony were rendered speechless by the seemingly harsh answer. Similarly, Jasmine brought herself to a halt when she heard Sebastian’s answer.

Does he have a death wish or something? No one has ever talked to Dad in such an arrogant manner!

Jonathan resisted the urge to reprimand Sebastian. He surveyed the surroundings and found out Sasha wasn’t around. Thus, he asked, “Where’s the doctor assigned to take care of you? Why is she nowhere to be seen today?”

Things got increasingly worse as soon as he brought up the presence of Sasha. Sebastian’s face scrunched up in irritation within split seconds.

Tony glared at the housemaid, instructing him to answer Jonathan’s query on Sebastian’s behalf.

As much as the housemaid was afraid of offending Sebastian, she stammered, “D-Dr. West isn’t here because Mr. Sebastian has warned her to stay away from the mansion in the future.”

The ones at the dining table, including Jonathan, gaped at the truth and looked in Sebastian’s direction.

“What’s going on? Why have you warned her to stay away from you again? Isn’t she Grayson’s apprentice? Have you terminated her because of her inferior skills or something?” Jonathan asked rhetorically when he recalled his conversation with Grayson.

Jonathan had made himself clear he would get someone else over to take care of him if Sasha couldn’t live up to expectation.
On the other hand, Jasmine was thrilled when she heard the duo’s conversation.

Great! I have been waiting for the opportunity to send Kira to take care of him, but I can’t think of anything to justify it! He has just done me a huge favor! If that’s the case, I’ll introduce Kira to take care of him soon!

“I’m pretty sure they have been hearing things again,” Sebastian assured the rest that wasn’t the case and that wouldn’t be necessary.

Jasmine could barely catch her breath and almost passed out when she heard Sebastian dismissing Jonathan’s suggestion.

On the contrary, Jonathan let out a sigh of relief when he found out everything was fine. He continued savoring the dishes in front of him.

Out of the blue, he announced Sebastian’s upcoming assignment, “If that’s the case, whenever she returns, tell her to hurry up and do something about your condition as soon as possible. Stephen has quite a lot of things on his plate. Once you’re feeling well, I want you to join him and help him out.”

Sebastian glanced at Jonathan as if he couldn’t be bothered at all.
Meanwhile, Jasmine’s eyes widened in disbelief wnen she heard Jonathan’s announcement.

Why is he sending Sebastian to help Stephen? Currently, we’re the only ones in charge of the corporate and investment subsidiaries of the Jadesons! Is he trying to do Sebastian a favor and allow him to assert influence over the family?

The startled Jasmine clenched her fists with all her might to suppress her frustration. She put on a calm front and asked, “Dad, why are you sending him to help Stephen? I-I’m afraid that isn’t very wise of you.”

“What do you mean it isn’t very wise of me?”

‘l-I mean, he’s Shin’s son! I-Isn’t he supposed to join the ranks just like his late father?” Jasmine stammered as a result of Jonathan’s harsh question.

“Since when was that a tradition of the family? Aren’t you aware of the things he has been up two over the past decade? Have you seen anyone being a match of the almighty Hayes Corporation?” Jonathan remarked sarcastically, indicating he was against the idea of her not acknowledging Sebastian’s talent as a corporate player.

Jasmine couldn’t think of anything else to change Jonathan’s mind when she recalled Sebastian’s exceptional achievement in the corporate world. It was merely a piece of cake for him to manage a multinational company with influences all over the world.

In short, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge for Sebastian to work wonders with the subsidiaries of the Jadesons.
Jasmine was adversely impacted by the news. She lost the color on her face instantly.

In the end, she strode out of the mansion with Kira next to her. Kira asked, “What’s wrong, Aunt Jasmine? Isn’t it great to have someone share the burden of Uncle Stephen?”

‘It’s not just that!” Jasmine got worked up and remarked, “He’s Shin’s son! Shin has always been Dad’s favorite child! I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time until he takes over Stephen’s position as the person in charge of the company since he’s such a capable man!”

Kira couldn’t think of anything else to console her upset aunt since she would be in huge trouble if her uncle was no longer in power.
“W-What are we supposed to do then?”

Out of nowhere, Jasmine announced with a vicious smirk, “What else are we supposed to do apart from taking him out? I’m going to ensure he’s handicapped for reall”

Kira was horrified by the things Jasmine had brought up. She stuttered, “W-What exactly do you have in mind?”

Gritting her teeth, Jasmine announced, “We’ll poison him! Since Dad has grown fond of you, just drop by Oceanic Estate and make him a meal every once in a blue moon whenever he’s around! If that’s the case, you can easily poison Sebastian!”

Kira’s face turned pale when she found out that she was one of her aunt’s most important pawns.
Is she seriously doing this to her nephew? Unwilling to condone her aunt’s decision, Kira stuttered, “Y-You-”

“The first thing we need to do is to take out the doctor taking care of her! If she’s around to keep him safe, there’s no way you can appreach him! I want you to get your hands on the doctor’s whereabouts within the next two days.”

On top of her initial vicious plan, Jasmine had brought up another malicious plan to take out an innocent figure.

Kira was utterly horrified by her aunt. She felt as if Jasmine was no longer the aunt she was familiar with.

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