Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 753

Meanwhile, Sasha finally reached Miralaea at eight o’clock in the morning. However, due to the difference in time zone, it was still late night at Miralaea.

Thus, as soon as she reached Miralaea, she made up her mind to take a short break as she was against the idea of rousing her sons from their sleep.

“Mrs. Hayes, why don’t you go ahead and take a shower? Also, aren’t you going to do something to touch up your appearance? I’m afraid they’re going to…”

The bodyguard of SteelFort knew Sasha was aware of his concern. Thus, he stopped himself from finishing his sentence.
Sasha let out a long sigh and marched in the direction of the washroom to deal with her horrendous look.

As a matter of fact, she couldn’t even bear to look at herself in the mirror even when she was alone. She just couldn’t accept the fact she was the horrendous woman in the mirror.

After spending a long time touching up her appearance, she finally made her way out of the washroom.

To her surprise, her sons showed up out of nowhere and catapulted in her direction once she walked out of the washroom.


They were thrilled by their mother’s presence after being apart for such a long time. Similarly, Sasha’s eyes welled up at the presence of her affectionate sons.

“I’m here! I’ll always be here!” She leaned over and held her sons firmly in her arms to reciprocate the affection she had for them.
It feels great to be home after being apart for almost six months!

She held them in her arms for a few minutes. Shortly after she regained her composure, she looked at them in the eyes and said, “lan, Matt, I’m so sorry for being away for such a long time! I’m sure both of you are worried about me! Can you please forgive me for not being a responsible mother?”

Matteo had always been a relatively sentimental little boy. He couldn’t resist the urge ta weep when he saw his mother weeping.

Unable to suppress the emotions he had been keeping to himself, he launched himself in his mother’s direction and held her in his arms.

Meanwhile, lan sniffled and resisted the urge to cry when he heard his mother. He reached over and caressed his mother’s cheek with a completely different look.

“We have never thought of holding you accountable, Mommy! Does it hurt?” “Huh?” She felt her body stiffening when she heard lan’s question.

Shortly after she regained her composure, she grasped her son’s fist and assured him, “It doesn’t really hurt, but I’m afraid it’s going to startle you and Matt. Therefore, I’m going to keep it to myself until I can do something about it. It’s not going to take tong, okay?”

“Okay, Mommy.”

lan responded with a nod and assured his mother not to worry about him because there was no way they would leave her just because of her look. After all, she was the one they held dearly in mind.

Sasha brought them to the kitchen and made them something to eat shortly after they regained their composure after being apart for such a long time.

She thought of making full use of her time since she finally had the opportunity to make her way back to them and keep them company.

“lan, shall we make some calzone?”


Sasha turned around and asked her younger son, “What about you, Matt? Have you any cravings?”

After she sort out the menu for their breakfast, she saw that her sons had gathered around and started engaging ina conversation in a hushed voice.

“Just you wait and see! I’m sure Mommy is back to teach us a lesson!” “WW-Well, we’re the ones at fault, aren’t we?”

When Matteo heard lan admitting their faults, his head drooped over his shoulders in a similar manner, indicating they were equally upset.

I know we’re the ones at fault, but we’re merely trying to do Daddy and Mommy a favor! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have wasted our time to hack into that old geezer’s system!

Their mother showed no signs of reprimanding them throughout the day. To be precise, Sasha refrained from bringing up the issue she was there for until it was evening.

Shortly after they had their meal in the evening, Sasha asked her sons to gather around in front of her.

She asked with a serious look, “lan, Matteo, are you aware of the reason I’m back?”


The two little boys’ heads drooped over their shoulders again. They knew it was time for them to bear the consequences of

their actions.

“No! I don’t think any of you are aware of the actual reason I’m back! Are you aware of the things your father and I are going through? Are you aware his life is at stake the very moment I’m away from him?”

Sasha made up her mind to tell her sons the truth.
“What? Why is Daddy’s life at stake?” When the little boys heard their mother, they looked at her in the eyes with fear written all over their faces.

Sasha responded with a nod and added, “We’re in quite a tough spot due to several ongoing issues at our ends. Initially, I have stopped Karl from sharing the details with both of you, but I think it’s time to stop keeping both of you in the dark for the sake of everyone’s safety.”

Sasha shared the ongoing incidents with her sons without holding back and ensured they were on the same page.

“M-Mommy, are you serious?” Matteo asked with an apologetic look. The little boy seemed as if he was about to have another emotional breakdown.

It was pretty much the same for lan, but he chose to keep his emotions to himself, grasping the toy he had with him with all his might to stop himself from weeping.

Sasha was equally heartbroken because of her sons’ response. In the end, she urged, “I’m being pretty serious, but things have not come to the worst. I’ll definitely try my best to save your father! In other words, both of you need to stop trying anything rash without my consent. Am I clear?”

“Alright, Mommy! We won’t do anything rash again!” “Yes, Mommy!”

Her sons responded with a nod and promised to mind their behaviors since they had finally figured out the challenges awaiting their family.

Thrilled by her sons’ response, Sasha held them in her arms and spent the night with them to cherish their moments together since she had to return to Jadeborough soon.

She was still clueless about the things in store for her, including the foes trying to take her out.

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