Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 754

Sebastian couldn’t believe Sasha was nowhere to be seen even after a day.

Has she always been such an obedient woman? Since when has she ever listened to my instruction apart from this one? “Mr. Sebastian, it’s time to take your medicines. We have everything ready according to Dr. West’s prescription.”

“No!” he repeated himself with a frown and made his way upstairs.

None of the housemaids had the guts to defy him after being on pins and needles over the past few days in fear of offending the grumpy man.

They thought Sasha would return soon, but she was nowhere to be seen again. Hence, things got increasingly intense as compared to the day before for those in Oceanic Estate.

“Mr. Sebastian, are you going for another physio session in the garden today?”

“Of course!” he deadpanned his reply, confusing the rest of the housemaids. As much as they wished to figure out the things he had in mind to stop getting on his nerves.

As much as they wished to figure out the things he had in mind to stop getting on his nerves, they couldn’t because the man was a tough nut to crack.

Several housemaids brought him to the garden and stood aside, awaiting the man’s instructions.
When he tried to bring himself up and tiptoe his way to the pavilion, he groaned in pain and took the housemaids by surprise.

“Mr. Sebastian, are you okay? Have you hurt yourself?”

All hell broke loose in the garden as the housemaids weren’t sure of the things to do.

One of them thought of getting in touch with the doctor. Thus, she rushed in the direction of the living room and announced, “Mr. Sebastian, I’ll go get Dr. West over at once!”

“She’s right! We’ll get Dr. West over to check on you immediately!” The rest of the housemaids thought it was a brilliant idea. Thus, they sent someone to make the call.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach Sasha since she had switched off her phone. To be precise, she was forced to switch off her phone since she was several thousand feet above the air in a plane.

Nonetheless, there was no way the housemaids were aware of Sasha’s whereabouts. Unable to reach Sasha, they started exchanging glances with their faces puckered in fear.

In the end, the disappointed bunch returned to Sebastian. “M-Mr. Sebastian, Dr. West seemed to have switched off her phone. W-What are we supposed to do?”


A sentence was all it took to trigger the frustrated man into cracking the branch of the tree, startling the already intimidated housemaids around him.

“Can’t you guys even take care of Mr. Sebastian? If you guys can’t reach Dr. West, just get in touch with Old Mr. Jadeson! He’s going to decide on the next best course of action!”

“O-Oh! Old Mr. Jadeson!”

The housemaids finally returned to their senses and thought of getting in touch with Jonathan as instructed.

It was then Sebastian started emanating an intimidating presence. He yelled, “Does it look like I’m about to die or something? Just stay away from me and get out of my sight!”

The housemaids knew it was time for them to leave Sebastian alone. Thus, they sprinted in different directions and returned to their respective positions.

On the other hand, the man continued taking things out on the tree, crushing the tree branches in an attempt to stop himself from getting worked up.

Standing in the middle of nowhere, the man seemed as if he had been possessed by some sort of evil spirit.

On the other hand, Karl, who had been keeping Vivian company at Sasha’s apartment, wasn’t particularly anxious since he was aware of Sasha’s schedule.

‘Vivian, are you hungry? If you’re hungry, I’ll head out and get you something to eat!”

The obedient little girl was in the middle of a virtual lesson with her teacher. When she heard Karl, she nodded and said, “Okay!” They were required to attend school on a daily basis ever since they moved to Miralaea. Although Vivian was abroad, her teacher insisted on guiding her through several online lessons throughout the day.

A few minutes later, Karl brought himself downstairs to get Vivian something to eat since the little girl was still in the middle of a class.

The buzzing phone in the living room took the little girl by surprise and distracted her when she was in the middle of a lesson.

She put everything aside when the thought of her mother calling crossed her mind.
Subsequently, she walked in the direction of the phone with her eyes gleaming in excitement.
Once she picked it up, she asked, “Hello? Who is this?”

The man on the other end paused for a few seconds when he heard the little girl’s mellifluous voice. It took him a few seconds to snap out of confusion. He asked, “Where’s your mother?”

The little girl was thrilled when she found out her father was on the other end of the call. “Da—U-Uncle Sebastian! Why have you called? Are you missing me?”

It had been quite a few days since she last met him in person. Thus, she could barely suppress the urge to meet him.

Sebastian, who was engulfed by wrath, couldn’t bring himself to take things out on a little girl. He asked, “W-What are you doing? I-ls your mother home?”

“Mommy?” Vivian repeated his father’s question and recalled her mother warning her not to tell others she was away to visit her brothers.

She thought her mother might not want her father to figure out her current whereabouts. Subsequently, she made something up and said, “She’s currently working! What about you? Where are you, Uncle Sebastian?”

“She’s warking?” Sebastian repeated after the little girl, “Is your mother currently working?”

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