Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 755

He could no longer suppress his wrath when he found out Sasha’s new job was the reason she was absent over the past two days.

Vivian couldn’t read the mood and failed to notice that her father on the other end of the call was enraged. She announced with her chest held high, “Yes! She’s currently working while I’m trying to finish my homework at home!”

Sebastian was dumbfounded and thought of something else that would require his attention. He asked, “A-Are you currently home alone?”

“Yes!” He got increasingly frustrated when he thought something bad might happen to the little girl.

Gritting his teeth, he asked in a final attempt to ensure he hadn’t been hearing things, “Has your mother left you home without others’ supervision and made her way out for work?”

Vivian was at a loss for words when she heard her father raising his volume against her.

What’s wrong with Daddy? I’m not really home alone since Mr. Frost is around to keep me company, but I’m not allowed to tell Daddy the truth!

Sebastian couldn’t take it anymore. He urged, “I’ll be there in a short while! Just stay put until I’m there!” He hung up the call, leaving the confused Vivian alone.

Half an hour later, when Karl returned with Vivian’s favorite food, he noticed the presence of a Maybach in front of the entrance to their apartment.

“Mr. Sebastian, we have reached the destination.”

“Hurry up and help me out!”

When Karl caught a glimpse of the man being wheeled into the apartment, he thought he had been seeing things.

What the heck? What’s Mr. Hayes doing here?

His heart skipped a beat, but when he was about to rush in the direction of Sebastian, he brought himself to a halt as he wasn’t supposed to expose himself just yet.

In the end, he ended up waiting in the street opposite the car for about ten minutes. A short while later, the man returned with a little girl in his arms.

VVivian? Karl gasped in fear, but the little girl was on cloud nine.

“Uncle Sebastian, are you really taking me to your place? I won’t cause you any trouble if you’re really taking me to your place! I’ll be mindful of my behaviors and take good care of myselfl”

The little girl snuggled against the man in his arms and looked at him with her pair of glistering eyes.

As a result of the little girl’s aggrieved look, Sebastian was overwhelmed by a sense of melancholia, but he couldn’t be sure of the reason behind it.

He thought it might have something to do with the little girl’s overly independent nature when someone of her age was supposed to be having all the fun in the world.

As heartbroken as he might be, he felt a sense of guilt and assured the little girl, caressing her head with a gentle smile, “You don’t have to worry about causing me any trouble. I’ll definitely take good care of you.”

Vivian was thrilled and it was written all over her chubby little face. She wrapped her chubby arms around her father’s neck, indicating she wouldn’t let go of him when she could finally make her way to her father’s place.

It was already evening by the time Sasha returned to Jadeborough.

She couldn’t stand leaving her daughter and her husband for such a long time. Thus, she hailed a cab the moment she walked out of the arrival hall.

“Sir, can you take me to the central business district?” “Sure!” Shortly after he took note of her destination, the driver accelerated the cab and departed.
Meanwhile, Sasha made a call the moment she retrieved her phone and switched it on.

“Hello? Karl, I’m back! Is everything fine?”

As soon as Karl picked up the phone, he gasped out the bad news awaiting them, “Oh, God! Mrs. Hayes, you’re finally back! Mr. Hayes has just shown up and took Vivian away with him!”

W-What? Why has he shown up at the apartment to bring Vivian away with him?

Colors drained from Sasha’s face. Grasping the phone, she asked, “Why has he shown up to bring Vivian away with him? What’s going on? How has he figured out the address of our current apartment? Has he seen you?”

She bombarded the man on the other end of the phone with a series of questions since she had te ensure Sebastian had not come in touch with Kari.

Karl assured Sasha when he heard her questions, “You need to calm down, Mrs. Hayes! He hasn’t seen me, but I’m afraid you need to make a trip to Oceanic Estate to check on Vivian!”

“Alright, I’ll make my way there at once!” Shortly after she hung up the car, she urged the driver to hurry up as she was in a hurry.

Why on earth has he shown up to take Vivian away with him? Is he or is he not aware she’s our daughter? If he takes her away with him, is he going to put her life at stake? Urgh! This is killing me!

Little did she know her daughter’s disappearance wasn’t the only thing awaiting her.

When Sasha found out they were in the middle of a highway, she asked, “Mister, where are you going? This isn’t the route to the central business district!”

Once she found out they were on a completely different route to the other direction, she repeated herself, “Mister?”

The driver finally answered Sasha, “I think I have turned at the wrong junction! I’m so sorry, Miss! It’s going to take quite some time to reach your destination!”

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