Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 756

Sasha felt a sense of relief after hearing that. However, her past experiences told her to keep her guard up; so, she kept her eyes ahead.

On top of that, she deliberately turned on the navigation system on her phone, and the voice rang out.
You are off course. Please make a U-turn in about twenty kilometers.

Twenty kilometers?

Sasha’s face changed, but there was nothing she could do now that the driver had taken the wrong route.

She waited for the car to turn around.

However, as they got nearer to the turnoff, her heart sank when she saw that the driver did not seem to slow down the car. With that, Sasha had a bad feeling.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you switching lanes? You have to go that way.”

There was no response from the driver.

In fact, he stepped even harder on the accelerator.

Sasha was shocked.

Her survival instinct kicked in. From the back of the driver’s seat, she hooked her arm around his neck.

“What exactly are you trying to do? Let me tell you something. I have escaped death many times. A piece of sh’t like you isn’t going to scare me. We can either live or die together!”

Sasha flared up, and her eyes turned red instantly.

The driver did not expect her to be that strong and started to panic.
“No, no. Please let me go. I will make the turn off now!” With that, he drove off in the direction of the exit.

A few minutes later, Sasha jumped out of the car. She was trembling so badly and took a long time before she calmed herself down.

At the end of the day, she was just an ordinary woman.

Whatever happened earlier on was a moment of courage and experience.

Sasha was about to take out her phone and call Karl to pick her up.

Where’s my phone?

Her heart sank when she realized what had happened.

During the scuffle with the driver just now, she must have left it in the car by accident.
What should I do now?

There was no way she could continue to stay there. She had no idea who that driver was. It was obvious that he wanted to harm her, and since he failed the first time, there was no guarantee that he would not return and try again.

Sasha was in total panic mode and did not want to stay at the same spot any longer. She walked along the road in the hope of finding a shop that might let her use the phone.

Meanwhile, Karl, who was in Jadeborough, had thought that she had gone directly to Oceanic Estate and was completely clueless about what had happened.

In the meantime, Vivian’s sudden appearance at Oceanic Estate had livened things up. Everyone spent the entire afternoon playing with her.

“Vivi, do you know how to dance?”

“No. I’m too fat. My teacher says I can’t fit into the dance costume. Once I lose weight, I will learn to dance.” Everyone laughed out loud at her innocent words.

Where does this sweetie come from? She is so adorable.

The more everyone interacted with her, the more they adored her.

That included Sebastian as well. When he heard the laughter, he turned and saw her cute face.

A smile appeared on his face as well.

“Mr. Hayes, we managed to get through to Dr. West. But, strangely, she canceled the call immediately after picking up,” said a bodyguard.

Immediately, Sebastian’s face darkened.

“How dare she cancel the call!” He sounded terrifying the very next second.

His bodyguard dared not say a single word.

Just as Sebastian was about to walk out of the living room, the cries of a child could be heard coming from outside.
“Ah… Mommy, I want Mommy.”

Following the sudden burst of crying, a small figure could be seen walking past Sebastian. She came in from the garden and walked toward the door.

“Vivi, where are you going?”

“Mommy… It’s dark. Mommy isn’t back yet. I want to go and look for her.”

Her chubby face was full of tears and even snot was bubbling out of her nose.
Sebastian looked perplexed at the sight of her.

“You don’t even know where your mam is. How are you going to find her?”

“No, I know. Mommy said she has gone to the next county. The one with the huge river. She will take the ferry and be back by afternoon.”

Nobody expected this little girl to mention that location.
Sebastian was dumbfounded.

Before he could respond, one of the local people blurted out, “Is she talking about Crane Valley? Oh my gosh, why would Dr. West go there?”

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