Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 757

‘Is it really Crane Valley? Jasmin, are you sure?”

“Yes. Didn’t Vivi mention that it’s a nearby county with a huge river? It must be Crane Valley. It’s about thirty or forty kilometers away from here. I’m very sure about it.”

The housemaid gave an affirmative answer again.

Everyone in the living room started to worry. At the same time, they did not understand why Dr. West would run to an isolated place like Crane Valley instead of staying at Oceanic Estate.

‘Is it because Mr. Sebastian chased her out?”

“Yes, I think so. Anybody who got chased out by the Jadesons would never find a job for sure.”

The last statement was heartbreaking.

Vivian witnessed their conversation, and tears started flowing down her face again. “Mommy, mommy…”

There was a hint of coldness on his solemn face before he reached out and carried her.

“Go and find out where her mom is.”

“Yes, Mr. Sebastian.”

His bodyguards immediately got to work.

Vivian finally stopped crying when she heard that. She sat on her daddy’s lap and sniffed pitifully.
In actual fact, when her daddy was not looking, she touched the butterfly hairpin on her hair.

Ten minutes later, the bodyguards returned.

“Mr. Sebastian, we found out that Dr. West is indeed in Crane Valley. It seems that she has been thrown out of a car along the highway, and she is now walking toward Crane Valley county.”

A few seconds of silence passed.

This woman is so stupid!

In the end, Sebastian took some men with him to Crane Valley while Vivian stayed behind in Oceanic Estate.

“Vivi, well done!”

Once their daddy and the rest of the adults were gone, the three siblings started to communicate via the communicator in Vivian’s hairpin.

Hearing her brathers’ praises, Vivian was thrilled.

“It’s nothing. It’s something I should do. By the way, how did the both of you find out where Mommy is? I thought Mommy is supposed to come back from the airport?”

“Hmph! Some bad people are out to hurt Mommy!” exclaimed lan and Matt.

The iwins could see from their screen that their mother had deviated from the usual route.

Someone is out to hurt Mommy?

Vivian got scared when she heard that.

“Who can that be? Why would they want to hurt Mommy?”

“We aren’t sure. We just have to be careful. You must find a way to be with Mommy at all times so that we can keep an eye on her and help her. Understand?”

Matteo reminded Vivian again.

Vivian agreed without further question.

However, after she finished the conversation with her brothers, she turned around and saw a housemaid looking at her in a spooky manner. Her stare resembled that of an evil witch.

It scared the hell out of Vivian.
“Mommy,” she called out.
Vivian was so spooked that she jumped off from the swing and ran into the house.

Meanwhile in Crane Valley, Sasha had been walking for the past two hours, and the last person she expected to see showed up in front of her.

“Seb-, Mr. Hayes.”

Seeing him in the car, she could not control herself any longer, and she broke down.

Sebastian looked at her.

He had initially wanted to give her a good scolding.

However, when he saw her pathetic state and tears, he could not bring himself to say those things.

“Get in!” he said coldly and then turned his eyes away.

Sasha could not be bothered with his attitude anymore.

The fact that he had come all the way to look for her was already more than enough for her.

She got into the car happily, and all the way, she kept her eyes on him.

“Stop looking at me this way. The only reason I come and fetch you is so that your daughter doesn’t become an orphan.” Sasha was stumped.

What’s wrong with him? Why is he always so mean?

Doesn’t he know she is also his daughter?

Sasha looked down and said, “I understand. Thank you, Mr. Hayes.”


He ignored her and turned to look out the window.

Since he did not want to be bothered with her, she decided not to say anymore. Instead, she leaned back on the seat.
She was truly exhausted.

During the two hours of walking, she refused to rest or hitchhike. She did not want to jump out of the pan into the fire.
As soon as she relaxed in the car, that was when she felt weak and exhausted.

Soon, Sasha fell asleep,

Not long after, she heard the vibration of a phone.


“Mr. Hayes, the doctor that you have requested earlier today has been arranged. Will you be coming in tomorrow?”

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