Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 758

The sweet and melodious voice of a woman echoed from the phone. The mic was off, but they were in a luxurious car with amazing features that shielded them from the rest of the world.

Hence, the lady’s voice could still be heard.

Sasha immediately lost any desire to sleep. She paid attention and eavesdropped.
“Got it. I’ll update you on this matter tomorrow,” replied Sebastian.

To Sasha’s surprise, she heard how the guy never rejected the girl.

Sasha’s heart dropped. The joy she felt earlier dissipated instantly.

He didn’t reject her advances? Does that mean he’s actually replacing me? There no changes to his stance over the past two days? Or did he go to another doctor without me knowing?

Sasha was devastated, but she didn’t show it. She kept her eyes closed and from a distance, she looked like she was sound asleep.

At ten o’clock that night.

The luxurious car finally made it to Oceanic Estate, and Sasha sensed the car stopping, so she opened her eyes right away.
“Are we there?”

“Yeah. Dr. West, please take Mr. Hayes into the house while I park the car.”


Sasha quickly got out of the car and grabbed the wheelchair over.

By then, the Oceanic Estate had become quiet, and the kid was already asleep.

When Sasha pushed Sebastian into the house, the housemaids saw her and greeted her warmly. They even showed concern toward her.

That got Sasha to grin and thank them.

After that, she tilted her head to the man sitting in the wheelchair and informed, “I’ll go take care of my kid now, Mr, Hayes.” Sebastian didn’t reply.

He showed no emotions when he got himself into the elevator. His gaze remained distant, and it was as if he didn’t hear a word she said. In fact, he disregarded her so much that he didn’t even look at her.

Sasha couldn’t speak.

She couldn’t help feeling disappointed. She slumped her shoulders and head down before turning around to go to the sofa and get the kids.

“Macy West, did you even have a plan on your life and career?”

That sudden question was from the man who had just entered the elevator. His tone suggested that he had been angry with her for a while but had been holding it in the entire time.

Sasha was stunned.
Plan? What does he mean? She turned around and stood in front of the guy before asking, “Mr. Hayes, what do you mean?”

“You went to work and left a kid all alone at home! Aren’t you worried about something happening to her? She’s just a young kid. Don’t you think it’s mean of you to leave her there and fend for herself?”

As Sebastian spoke, he pointed at Vivian who was resting on the sofa.
Surprisingly, he wasn’t hiding his true feelings at that moment.
There was anger, disappointment, and… pain.

That was the most intense change Sasha had seen in him since everything started.

She was stunned.

Wait, so that’s why he went to pick me up but refused to acknowledge or interact with me? Is this also why he didn’t turn the new doctor away? He’s upset because he thinks that I would neglect my kid for my job?

That idiot…
Sasha turned around and giggled so much that she teared up a little.
“Are you seriously laughing right now?”

“N-no, I’m just glad that you are such a kind person, Mr. Hayes. You seem cold and distant, but underneath it all, you have a kind and caring soul.”

Sebastian was speechless.
What the f*ck?

Sebastian was so angry that the vein on his head was pumping. He wanted to continue reprimanding her, but she spoke up before he could. She asked, “How about I just move in with the kid, Mr. Hayes? That way, I can do my job as your doctor and fulfill my duty as a mother. Will that be okay?”

Once again, Sebastian was speechless.

It took him over ten seconds before he found the right words. He sat there and spat through his teeth, “Don’t you push your luck, woman!”

At the same time in Red Pavilion.

Jasmine received the news about how the mission had failed, and that got her so infuriated that she smashed a glass onto the floor.

“You useless trash!”

No one replied.

Kira was too afraid to say anything.

That being said, her reaction was the complete opposite of Jasmine’s. Kira was relieved to hear that news, and she wasn’t as scared or nervous anymore.

“What is with that look on your face? Are you that happy that I failed?”

Jasmine realized that her niece was secretly happy, so the former became even angrier. She picked up another glass and was about to toss it over.

Kira saw that and was so afraid that she quickly put her hands over her head to shield herself. “Ah, please don’t!” “Mom, what are you doing?”

Devin came home at that crucial moment and saw what was going on. He rushed over immediately to stop his mom.
That got Jasmine to stop.

Kira, on the other hand, tilted her gaze up and stared at her cousin with watery eyes. “Devin…” said Kira.

She looked utterly pitiful at that moment. It didn’t matter where Kira was or whose family she was with. She was always at the bottom of the food chain and was always at others’ mercy.

Devin frowned and helped her up.
“Leave for now. I need to talk to my mom,” instructed Devin to get her out of there.

Kira’s watery eyes and her gaze never shifted from Devin even after she left the room. She kept staring at him until the door was closed.

Only then did she avert her gaze reluctantly and wait by the door.

She was waiting for him…

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