Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 759

That was the secret that no one ever knew about.

Kira was beautiful and was connected to the Jadesons, so many rich families actually favored having her as their daughter-in- law.

What no one knew, however, was that she was already in love with someone else.
The man she loved could never be exposed because he would never be accepted.
Kira stood outside the room, but she could still hear the conversation.

Devin, who had always been patient, was growling angrily, “Mom, what the hell are you doing? She’s not a kid anymore. How can you hit her like this?”

“What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to discipline her?”

“You’re not her mom. You’re just an aunt. Yet, you are hurting her for no reason at all. I don’t even know if my uncles will be mad upon learning this,” informed Devin with a terrible expression. His tone was harsh as well.

Jasmine was even angrier after hearing how her own son was reprimanding her. She dissed, “Oh, like they’d have any ground to get angry? If it hadn’t been for me, none of them would be living a life that prestigious. So what if I lay a hand on one of their children? They still won’t dare to speak up to me!”

“Mom!” Devin was so angry with his mom that he was going insane.

How can she possibly be so unreasonable? Kira is a person, not an item! Besides, doesn’t she have an obligation to help her own family out? Why is she behaving like she is a merciful goddess just because she is doing something she is supposed to do, anyway?

Devin was so disappointed that words couldn’t describe his feelings. He was too tired to keep arguing with his mom, though.

“I don’t want to argue with you. The bottom line is this. If I see something like this happening again, I will leave this house and never set foot in here again,” warned Devin strictly.

After that, he stepped forward and left.

Jasmine was so angry that her entire body was trembling. She shouted, “You little punk. How dare you threaten your own mother? Is that it? You’re all strong now, so you’re rebelling?”


Kira, who had been waiting outside, heard that loud noise. That got her entire body to tremble, and she turned even paler.
My aunt had never seen me as family.

Kira grinned bitterly.

Devin exited the room and saw that Kira was still there. He was taken aback and blurted, “Oh, you’re still here.”

Kira had her gaze down and nodded.

Devin didn’t know how to respond to that.

He saw how pitiful she looked, but he couldn’t find the right words to say. Hence, he ended up being quiet for a moment before suggesting, “Let’s go. I’ll send you home.”

Kira’s eyes turned watery as tears of appreciation gathered in them. She nodded.

Late at night, the city’s noise and activities were replaced with silence and solemnity. The streetlights illuminated the roads and got the trees to cast their shadows on the ground. Every once in a while, a few random lonely figures would show up at the side of the road and make the place seem even lonelier.

Kira sat in the car, but no one knew what she was thinking.

“You should stop dropping by,” advised Devin, who frowned and tried to break the silence when he noticed that she hadn’t spoken in a while.


Hearing those words prompted Kira, who had been keeping quiet, to turn to him.
“Why? D-do you not like having me around your place?” asked Kira as her eyes glowed with a hint of agonizing sorrow.

Devin shook his head and replied, “No, that’s not it. I just don’t want my mom to hurt you. You saw how she is nowadays. She’s getting more and more unreasonable, so you should stay away to prevent yourself from getting hurt.”

Relief washed over Kira.

She looked at the road ahead and smiled before replying, “It’s fine, Devin. She’s my aunt, and she’s only punishing me because I did something wrong. You don’t have to worry about me.”

How did she end up being the one trying to make me feel better? thought Devin.
He was at a loss for words at that moment.

He was actually telling her to stay away for her sake, but she had always rejected his kind advice whenever he gave them. I honestly don’t know why she’s being so stubborn and stupid.

Devin stopped talking about the matter in the end.
Thirty minutes later, they finally reached Kira’s home, the Woods Residence.

“Thank you for driving me over.”

“You’re welcome. Go on, then,” said Devin before he nodded and opened the door for her.
Kira didn’t speak.

She seemed to be struggling for quite some time. When she got out of the car, she finally mustered enough courage to turn to Devin and ask, “My birthday’s next Wednesday. Will you come to my party?”

“Huh?” blurted Devin, who had been looking at his phone, “It’s your birthday already? That’s fast.” A hint of disappointment flashed in Kira’s eyes.

“Yeah, so will you be there? I booked a suite in the Litt Hotel and invited some friends over to celebrate. No parents though,” replied Kira, who was still holding out for some hope.

“Okay.” The last sentence might be the factor that got Devin to agree to attend that party.
If he was being honest, he’d say that he truly disliked having the elderlies around.

Kira was delighted once more. She hopped out of the car with a bright smile on. She kept staring even after the car had turned a corner and disappeared into the night.

Her wish had always been that simple.
The next day.
Sasha actually took Vivian to the Oceanic Estate early in the morning.

Moreover, ta prevent the guy from chasing the two of them out again, she returned the rented apartment to its owner and moved out.

Yep, sometimes it is necessary to do the extreme.
“Dr. West, what got you here so early?”

“Mr. Hayes promised to let me stay here, so I took my kid over this morning. Can you open the door for me?”

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