Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 760

Sasha was holding her daughter’s hand while dragging a huge luggage bag along. It was obvious that she was not going to give the security guard the chance to turn her away.

The security guard was exasperated when he saw her stance.

He opened the door for the two of them. Vivian ran around like a cheery bird as soon as she was set free. She jogged toward the mansion.

“Hello, where are my pretty playmates? Your precious little Vivi is here. Come play with me.” Her crisp baby voice was as lively as the chirps of the birds, and it echoed all around.

The housemaids in Oceanic Estate had already taken a liking to Vivian, so they rushed out to welcome the cute little girl.

“Come quick, our cute Vivian is here like she promised.”

“Ah, you’re right. Carry her over.”

“Hey, no way! She is the precious little baby of we gardeners. Jasmin, go take her to the garden. Quick!” “Uh, no! She’s supposed to be here in the kitchen. Don’t you steal her from me.”

“No, she’s mine!”

It only took a few seconds for the little kid to be everybody’s favorite.

Oceanic Estate had never been that lively in the morning before.

Sasha found that to be hilarious.

She was glad that her daughter was that popular though because she could ignore the latter and drag their luggage to the living room immediately.

“Morning, Olivia.”

“Good morning, Dr. West. You are here.” The middle-aged housemaid, who was cleaning the living room, smiled warmly as soon as she saw Sasha there.
Sasha nodded and replied, “Thanks. By the way, where is Mr. Hayes? Is he up yet?”

“No, not yet. He usually sleeps in, and we’re too afraid to wake him up,” answered Olivia as she stared fearfully at the bedroom up the stairs. She chuckled awkwardly after that.

Sasha was stunned.

Does he sleep in? No way! He has always been the first one to wake up in the morning, and back in Avenpart, he would already be at the office by the time I wake up.

Sasha dragged her luggage into the elevator and went straight to the room she slept in the night before.
“Huh? Wewhy isn’t anyone staying here?” Sasha was stunned, and she stared at the empty room.

A housemaid happened to be cleaning in the region and walked past the place. Sne saw Sasha there, so she smiled and explained, “Mr. Hayes is no longer staying in that room, Dr. West. He moved to the third floor.”


Sasha was surprised once more.

It took her a while before she came around and rushed over ta the room on the third floor.

Why the hell did that guy change to a different room? Did he move out of it because he thought that I dirtied the place up? Sasha felt like her heart was being stabbed.

On the third floor. Loneliness and solemnity filled the air. It felt as if the entire floor was abandoned, and with no one there, it was terrifyingly lonely.

That idiot…
Sasha sighed before she went straight to the room in front of her.

“Mr. Hayes? It’s Macy. Are you up?” asked Sasha. She wasn’t bothered about anything and was quick to knock on the door right away.

There were housemaids peeping from the second floor. Their jaws dropped upon seeing what she did.

Wow! Dr. West is so cool. She actually knocked on Mr. Hayes’ bedroom door before he wakes up.

“Mr. Hayes?”

Sasha waited for a minute or so, but she couldn’t hear anything from the other side of the door, so she knocked again.

“Mr. Hayes, we have to start treatment today, and one of the procedures must be done before eight o’clock in the morning. If you’re up, Mr. Hayes, please open the door.”

No one spoke, but…


When Sasha finished saying those words, she heard the sound of something slamming onto the nightstand.
Sasha smiled.

She stopped knocking. Instead, she stood relaxed at the side of the door and tilted her head to the side to enjoy the view.
The sun was rising and had brightened the entire place. It’s nice out today.


She waited for about a full minute before she heard the click. The man inside the room finally opened the door.

“Mr. Hayes, you’re up!” commented Sasha, who immediately put on a surprised expression as she turned around to look at the man who had just exited the room.

Yep, the guy in question was none other than Sebastian.
However, he looked extremely grouchy.

He was all-dressed and looked refreshing. That meant that he had been up for quite some time. Still, he had a grouchy expression on.

“Who allowed you to come to the third floor?” “Huh?”

Sasha put on a surprised and confused expression before she said, “I let myself in, Mr. Hayes. I am your doctor, so I am responsible for your well-being. Will you head over to the treatment room with me later?”

She had a straight face on when she looked at him.

She wasn’t actually lying because his treatment needed to begin in the morning. Moreover, it was a very important procedure.

To her surprise, the guy’s lips parted, and he uttered a single word after hearing what she said. “Leave!” Sasha was speechless.
Okay, So I pissed him off… again.

She took a deep breath and decided to be the bigger man. Then, she informed, “I can leave right now, but Mr. Hayes, I will be here every ten minutes and will annoy you until you do as I said.”

After saying her piece, Sasha grinned, turned around, and walked away.

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