Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 761

Sebastian was speechless.
There was a moment when he gritted his teeth so much that he could actually hear it. He was tempted to kick her out again.
I must be out of my mind. Why else would I agree to let her come back?

Sebastian closed the door with a loud bang! Then, he hopped to the desk where a notebook was sitting. He shoved that notebook back into his drawer.

The notebook contained a lot of data and statistics, with some sketches and some chemical formulas. He had been working on it for a while, and he had just finished drawing that last image that morning.

As warned, Sasha actually showed up every ten minutes.



The door opened once more and was slammed shut after a loud bang. Sebastian was so aggressive that the entire door shook a little.

All Sasha could do was swallow hard and chuckle awkwardly before saying, “So, Mr. Hayes, are you ready? Let’s go.”

She was smiling sweetly like a lap dog because his expression at the time was so scary that she thought he might actually skin her alive.

Perhaps she truly was too annoying, but the guy ended up getting in his wheelchair and letting her take him to the treatment room.

A few minutes later, the housemaids in the Oceanic Estate saw how the both of them went to the ground floor. That got the housemaids to admire Sasha’s courage and stare at her like she was a goddess.

Sasha pushed her patient into the treatment room, which she had set up some time ago.

“We’ll be scanning your brainwaves today, Mr. Hayes. Will that be okay?”

The treatment room was perfect with all sorts of medical equipment and machinery there. Jonathan had Grayson deliver everything over when the latter discharged Sebastian.

Sebastian went to lie down on the bed without putting up a protest.

This is truly strange. He was infuriated when we were outside his room and lost his temper with me. I wonder why he’s not fighting me now that we’re here.

Despite her thoughts, Sasha was delighted to see Sebastian behaving.

She put on her white coat and attached a device to his head. After that, she bent down and placed her finger within his line of sight.

“Mr. Hayes, please look at my finger.”

Sebastian didn’t reply.

His sharp, distant gaze focused on her finger as she requested.

Sasha held her breath and secretly pushed the button on the stopwatch she had with her.
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

The rhythmic sound echoed softly like it was coming from a quiet and distant forest.

Sebastian closed his eyes slowly.
Sasha saw that and was elevated immediately. She turned around right away and checked the screen attached to the scanner.

Sebastian’s brainwaves initially showed little activity, but they showed signs of change after he was hypnotized. It was as if a gentle breeze was blowing, and his brain waves were reacting to that breeze.

It’s working!

Sasha was so excited that she almost jumped. She dialed a number right away. “Professor Gervais, it worked!” shared Sasha, “His brain is reacting to it.”

“Of course it worked. With my method and the scanner affecting his brain, it is easy to get him under. What you’ll want to do now is to whisper the things you want him to recall. Remember that you have just mastered this skill, so it is crucial that you stop as soon as there is any sign of distress,” replied the guy from the other end of the line who had a strong Jetroinian accent. He was careful and reminded her to be wary, even as he taught her what to do.

Sasha agreed right away.
She hung up after that and turned her attention to the man who she had just hypnotized.
What do I him to remember?

There is so, so much.
She wanted him to remember who he was and the incredible life he had. She also wanted him to recall everything that happened between them and their kids.

Yet, when she saw how he was sleeping like that, her tears rolled down her eyes. All she managed to say was, “Please come home to me, Sebby. I need you.”

After that, she brushed her lips against his.
The screen showed that Sebastian’s brainwaves were moving exponentially.

It was as if something had hit him hard, and the huge waves on the screen were getting out of rhythm. Everything was changing.

I hear something. Who is the woman calling out to me? And who kissed me? It feels… so familiar.

Sebastian struggled in the darkness like he was a paper plane that was trying to stay in the air. He was eager to take a closer look at that familiar figure, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch up to her.

Crimson red liquid suddenly dripped onto his head.

“Sebby, you must survive and live well, okay? Live well, my love, and survive. You have to survive..
Sasha was stunned.

She was terrified when she saw how the guy was struggling on the bed despite being asleep. The agony he showed on his face was intense, and it shook Sasha so much that she hurried over and pulled the scanner’s plug.

“Mr. Hayes, wake up. Sebastian, get up. Wake up now!” Unfortunately, Sebastian remained unconscious.
His mind had fallen to the deepest pit, and his struggles were getting more intense.

He was pale, and sweat was donning his forehead. The noise his throat made somehow sounded like the roar of a trapped monster, and he looked downright terrifying.

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