Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 762

Sasha couldn’t speak.

She was so terrified that she ignored all protocols and grabbed his hand, put it by her lips, and bit him mercilessly.

The pain finally broke through to the guy, and he slowed down, then stopped struggling.

Seeing that got Sasha to sigh a breath of relief.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. She hadn’t even let his hand go before the recently conscious guy flung his eyes open and slapped her right away.


A crisp sound came running.

Sasha was slapped so hard that her head flung the other way, and her vision was black for a while.
He freaking slapped me? What the hell? Sasha’s mind stopped working. She sat there and was motionless for a long, long time.

Sebastian, on the other hand, fell back down after slapping her. He seemed exhausted, and he was paper pale. He was also sweating so much that it was like he had just gone for a swim.

“Leave!” When Sebastian finally spoke, he spat that one word through his gritted teeth.

Sasha didn’t reply to him.

Her blood tasted metallic, but she licked it off the edge of her lips as she used her hand to readjust her jaw a little. It took her some time, but she slowly got it back into position.

“I will not leave. (f you’re angry, then you may continue hurting me. I’m okay with it so long as it makes you feel better.” Seriously? She doesn’t even mind?

Sebastian’s eyes instantly glowed with murderous intent so strong that they turned bloodshot. He sat up and, like a monster that had completely lost its mind, he reached out and dragged Sasha aver.

“You do realize I can kill you, don’t you?”

“But you won’t. Sebastian Hayes, revenge and hatred aren’t the only things in your mind. You saw it yourself. You have desires and love toa. My hypnosis wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t really a success, but I made you look into your heart, didn’t 1? I showed you something you never realized was in your heart. That is why you got mad, and why you hit me, am I right?”

Sasha remained calm as she slowly removed the layers of fake anger Sebastian had on and got to the truth.

She was right. That hypnosis session was not a success, but it wasn’t a total failure either. At the very least, she showed him that there was more than hatred in him. That was what got him angry at her.

He must feel like I’ve disrupted his life goals and plans.


The anger in Sebastian’s eyes became more obvious because Sasha hit the bull’s eye.
He tightened his grip.

Sasha instantly felt an immense pressure on her throat. She could no longer breathe, and it only took a second for her lips to turn darkish purple. Her eyes were losing focus as well.

“Y-you can kill me. That’s… fine, but I-I will… wake you up… so long as… I still have a breath… left in me. Sebastian, I…
will take you home…”

Sasha spoke in pieces despite the fact that her neck was about to break.
She said… she’d take me home.

Sebastian recalled how he heard someone asking him to come home when he was in that nightmare. He also remembered that soft and warm kiss on his lips.

Who exactly is she? Why is she so adamant about saving me? And this isn’t even the first time she’s gone all out. She was like a lunatic and kept coming to my rescue…

Sebastian finally loosened his grip. There was a moment when he lost all energy, and he fell back onto the bed.
Cough! Cough!

Sasha, on the other hand, fell to the floor right after she was released. She panted as she put her hand on her chest.
At that moment, she looked like a fish that had just broken the fishing line and regained her freedom and life.

Vivian hadn’t seen her mom in a while, so she decided to go look for the latter.

“Mommy, where are you?”

She ran around in the enormous garden, but she never found her mom, even though her chubby legs had been running for a while. As a silver lining, however, she ran into an old man with a white beard.

“Who are you, mister?” asked Vivian in her baby voice as she tilted her round, chubby head up.

She’s asking me who I am?

Jonathan was there with his team. When he turned his head down, he saw the little girl who was staring at him.

“Who are you?”

“Me? Oh, I’m cute Vivian. Mister, are you a housemaid as well? What happened? Why is your life so sad? Why are you working as a housemaid even though you’re so ald?”

Vivian couldn’t help but sigh sadly when she saw how the guy’s beard had all turned white.
Jonathan was speechless.

The team he brought with him couldn’t help it. What the chubby girl said prompted them to turn their heads and look to the side. Their shoulders shook from trying to suppress laughter.

She is probably the only person in the world who would say that his life is sad.

“I have no choice. Life gets in the way sometimes,” lied Jonathan. Everyone was surprised to hear how he entertained the kid after deliberating for a while.

Their jaws dropped instantly.

Vivian was the only one who didn’t react that way. Hearing that response got her to tilt her tiny head and struggle for quite some time before she opened her backpack.

“Okay, then let me give you some money.” “Huh? You’re giving me money?”

“Yeah. I’ll let you in on a secret. My mommy gave me this money to buy candy, and I have been saving for so long. I’ll share half with you so that you don’t have to come work here anymore.”

After saying her piece, the cute little girl shoved her chubby hand into her backpack and got a few coins out.

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