Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 763

Jonathan couldn’t help twitching his eye a little.

“Here, take it. It’s not much, but it’s all I have,” offered Vivian. Her soft hand held the coins and shoved them into the wrinkled palm of the old man.

There was a moment when Jonathan stood there and suddenly felt like something had hit his heart. He had been a cold-hearted warrior his entire life, but at that moment, he was all warm and fuzzy.

“Okay, thanks.”

Jonathan ended up keeping the coins.

Vivian ran off after she saw him doing that. Ah, I’m busy and have to go look for Mommy.

However, she had just turned around when she saw her mom walking over while pushing her dad.

“Mommy!” said Vivian as she ran toward Sasha.

Sasha saw everything that was happening earlier. Her mind went blank when she saw how Vivian was talking to Jonathan.
Uncontrollable fear rained down on her and threatened to drown her.

“I am so sorry, Old Mr. Jadeson. This is my daughter. S-she didn’t bother you, did she?” Sasha picked Vivian up and quickly apologized to Jonathan, who was still holding the coins that Vivian had given him.
Sasha was truly worried.

In a way, her daughter was the guy’s great-granddaughter, but Jonathan was tempted to kill Sebastian. Vivian is only six. Who knows what Jonathan would do if he learns that she is the daughter of his illegitimate grandson?

He might not kill her, but he will definitely take her away…

“Ah, so she’s your daughter. I was wondering what is a kid doing here in the Oceanic Estate,” said Jonathan after staring for a while. As suspected, his tone was cold and distant.

Sasha instantly stiffened while holding her child.

She was so scared that she didn’t even knaw how to respond to that. She also worried that Jonathan would fire her and ban her from the place just because she had a kid.

“Why are you here again?” Sasha was still lost when someone asked that question icily.
It was Sebastian.

What the hell? He’s interrogating Jonathan and demanding to know why he is here? He even emphasized the word “again” to show how annoyed he is!

As suspected, Jonathan got so angry that he shifted his attention to Sebastian.

“The reason I’m here? Naturally, I came to train you! Boys, take him to the training field and get his arms and legs in shape!”

“Yes, sir!” One order was all it took to get Jonathan to send his team over to drag Sebastian to the training field.
Sebastian’s expression instantly turned grouchy.

Sasha, on the other hand, was worried sick upon hearing that. She quickly chimed in, “He hasn’t recovered yet, so it is not ideal for him to do any vigorous exercise. It will only delay his recovery.”

She spoke endlessly and almost stepped up to physically stop them.

The truth was that he honestly couldn’t go for any training. Sasha had just hypnotized Sebastian, and that session had worn him out. His physical state was not great either.

Unfortunately, Jonathan didn’t care about it at all.

“Haven’t recovered? Then why don’t you ask him what he had been doing over the past two days? He destroyed a few of my prize trees! And yet you have the audacity to tell me that he can’t handle vigorous exercise?”


Sasha was stunned.

That was when Jonathan waved his hand and Sebastian, who was still in his wheelchair, got taken away.
Sasha couldn’t speak.

What the hell is going on?

When Devin reached the Oceanic Estate, he saw that Sebastian was already swaying.

The latter was paper pale and was sweating so much that he looked like he had just been rescued from under the sea. If Sasha hadn’t been fighting and making things hard for Jonathan’s team, it was likely that Sebastian would have more sandbags attached to his arms and legs.

“Grandpa, what are you doing? He hasn’t recovered. Making him go through such harsh training will just make things worse for him.”

Devin was worried and angry when he saw that. He rushed over to talk some sense into Jonathan, who was monitoring everything.

This old man is not holding back at all! It has been three hours, but he is still monitoring the situation in person.

“Oh, what do you know? That is just a bullet wound. If we were on the battlefield, he would already be out there and killing his enemy. He’s like a delicate flower right now, but trust me. Toughening him up is the only way to speed up his recovery.”

This f*cking old man is too unreasonable.

Sasha had run out of patience by then. She saw how there was someone there to help her, so she ignored how stupid her actions would be. She ran over and pulled Jonathan’s team away before rushing to Sebastian.

“It’s fine. Mr. Devin is here, so you guys can let him go for now.”

After saying her piece, she pushed away the men holding Sebastian in position and removed the sandbags attached to him.

Sebastian fell as soon as those sandbags came undone.

“Mr. Hayes!” called out Sasha. She immediately reached out to catch him, but his heavyweight overwhelmed her and pinned her down.

Bang! When Sasha landed, she heard a crisp and loud bang.

However, she didn’t feel a thing. Asecond ago, the tall, muscular man was landing on her, but the next, she was lying safely in the sweaty guy’s arm.

“S-Sebastian…” “I knew… I should’ve just killed you.” Sebastian finally spoke up.

He was dripping in sweat and stuck to her as he panted weakly. Despite that, his words were clear and audible.

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