Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 764

In the end, Sebastian fainted from exhaustion and was brought back into the house.
Sasha followed along.

“See that, Grandpa? I told you. Sebastian is not trained since young, so he is just a regular man. Moreover, when he was younger, Frederick sent him to Sumanthova to treat his illness. Asking him to go through harsh training when he grew up under those circumstances… That is just equivalent to killing him.”

Devin saw how Sebastian was being carried away, so he started arguing with Jonathan again.

To make matters worse, he got a chair over and sat right there to discourage his grandpa from insisting on making things hard for Sebastian. Devin would argue until nightfall if that was what it took.

Jonathan glared over.

“Why are you helping him like this? Aren’t you worried that he’d regain his memory and seek vengeance?”

Devin didn’t speak.

It was pindrop silence.

One sentence was enough to sting the young man who was initially amped up to fight for his cousin. It also got him so stuck that he couldn’t say a word.

I am f*cking terrified. In fact, I was so scared that I didn’t even dare to visit him in Heron Hill when he first regained consciousness.

Devin’s gaze seemed darker. It took him some time before he replied, “Then, so be it. I owe him all that, after all.”

Jonathan became speechless.

He stared at his eldest grandson as a complex feeling burned inside him. For a second there, he didn’t know what to say.

A few minutes later, Jonathan left the Oceanic Estate. One of his men, Xavier, asked, “Sir, are you disappointed with what Mr. Devin said earlier?”

Jonathan sighed and replied, “He is just too kind-hearted.” “Yeah, Mr. Devin had always been like that. What’s so bad about it?”

“I’d be great if he is just an ordinary guy, but he is the heir of the Jadesons. He will get in trouble if he remains this kind-hearted in Jadeborough, where danger lurks both in the light and in the dark.”

Jonathan didn’t hide his true feelings from his men.

Devin truly is too kind. That is why I hesitated when I was choosing an heir. Unfortunately, there isn’t a better option, so I picked him.

Xavier turned to Jonathan and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Then… what do you think about Mr. Sebastian who has just returned? His style and cruelty would make him a better heir…”

No one spoke for a moment there.
Jonathan eventually harrumphed and dissed, “That kid? Please… he still has a long way to go.” Xavier didn’t reply to that.

Jonathan’s words and tone made it sound like he was dissing Sebastian, but the pause had already revealed what Jonathan was really thinking. His younger grandson, who was several times more intelligent and merciless than Devin, was not as unloved as how Jonathan made him sound.

He still has a long way to go… That means that Sebastian might still be the heir of the Jadesons if he recovers! Xavier secretly gasped.

He suddenly felt like the sky above him was turning dark. It seemed that a storm was about to hit them…

At Jade Court.

Candice felt the danger looming as well. She was especially concerned when she heard how Jonathan took his men to Oceanic Estate to train Sebastian.

“Jonathan won’t take his personal team over to train just anybody. He must have a reason for doing so, and that means he is trying to help that lunatic recover!”

“W-what do we do?” Connor and the others were instantly disheartened when they heard that.

The heir of the Jadesons… If Sebastian actually accomplishes that, our bloodline will most probably perish. He will kill all of us!

Everyone in the Jade Court could feel the danger that would soon befall them.

“That useless Jasmine! I can’t believe that she failed to do something so simple. I guess we have no choice but to do the dirty work ourselves!” growled Candice before she sipped some tea.

Connor chimed in and complained as hatred burned in his eyes. He said, “Exactly! That woman has always boasted to us, but she is useless when at such crucial moment.”

“That is why we have to do it on our own.” “What do you mean?”

“We should leak this information to Jasmine. That will get her more worried and encourage her to attack again. When that happens, all we have to do is help her from behind the scenes,” replied Candice as she held the cup and sipped her tea. A cruel grin crept up on her lips, and she looked so devious that she could get anyone to shiver.

Connor understood what to do right away.
Huh… killing him by conning Jasmine… that really is a genius plan.
At the Oceanic Estate.

Sasha was still in the bedroom on the third floor. Two hours had passed, but Sebastian was still lying unconscious on the bed. That torturous session had exhausted him.

“Dr. West, how is he doing? It’s been a while. Has he woken up?” Devin hadn’t left either. He couldn’t help worrying when he noticed that Sebastian had been unconsciaus for that long.

Sasha had a warm towel and was helping Sebastian by keeping him clean and comfortable. When she heard that question, she tilted her head up and replied, “It’s fine. He’s just exhausted and will come around once he regains his energy.”

She didn’t dare to tell Devin that she hypnotized Sebastian just before the training. That was understandable since she had no idea if Devin was friend or foe.

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