Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 765

“I see. Well, that’s a relief,” replied Devin as he sighed a breath of relief.

He checked his watch and saw that it was almost six o’clock, so he asked, “Do you need to go now? I can take over and care for him if you’d like. You can take the kid home. It’s late, after all.”

“It’s fine. Mr. Hayes has allowed me to live here.” Devin was momentarily taken aback when he heard how she wasn’t leaving.
He eventually came around and stared at how Sasha was sticking right by Sebastian. That got Devin to grin in exasperation.

That makes sense. He’s her husband, and she has taken so much effort to come to him. Hence, there is no way she’d leave him.
I have got to be an idiot to suggest that she head home.

Devin turned around and left.

He had just gotten to the ground floor when he saw a chubby little girl walking over. She climbed a little and tiptoed to reach the elevator’s button. It seemed she wanted to go look for her parents.

Unfortunately, she was too short. She had already tiptoed, but she still couldn’t reach the button.

This tiny little rascal…

Devin happened to be walking out of the elevator and seeing that got him to chuckle.

“Vivi, what are you doing?”

“Huh?” blurted the cute little girl. Her big round eyes looked at the adult who had just exited the elevator.

“I’m going to the third floor to look for my mommy. Do you know where she is?”

Her baby voice and chubby, round face made her look as beautiful as a doll when she stood there with the orange light engulfing her.

Devin suddenly felt a sting in his heart.

He knew the truth, so he was aware of whose kid the girl truly was.

Unfortunately, her parents can’t be reunited just yet, and a six-year-old like her had to fallow her mom everywhere… She even had to refer ta her own father as Uncle Sebastian. She is too mature for her age. Devin couldn’t help but feel bad for Vivian.

Devin got out of the elevator and picked the kid up.

He informed, “Your mommy is taking care of your Uncle Sebastian, so let’s not bother them, okay? Let your Uncle Devin take you out and play with you.”

“Huh?” The small girl stared at the man who was holding her. Suspicion and curiosity shone in her big, round eyes.

He’s going to take me out and play with me? But… why is he being so nice to me? Also, why does he refer to himself as “my” Uncle Devin? Wouldn’t Uncle Devin suffice?

Vivian was a little confused.

“Don’t worry, I am not a bad person. I am your Uncle Sebastian’s cousin, so I won’t kidnap you,” replied Devin when he saw how the little girl was being wary. He couldn’t help finding that funny.

How is she so guarded when she is just a tiny thing? Unless… This actually proves that she has been living in an unstable and unsafe environment. That is why she is so careful.

Devin’s heart broke once more.

Fortunately, the little girl nodded and was relaxed after Devin explained himself.
Devin left with the kid after that. He told the housemaids to let Sasha know that he had taken the girl out.

However, Sasha was too distracted to pay attention to her daughter because Sebastian, who was still unconscious, suddenly developed a fever after Devin had left.

What’s going on? Why is he burning up?

Sasha got her stethoscope out and placed it near his heart. That was when she discovered that his lungs had been acting out of the norm for a while.

How did this happen? Isn’t he just exhausted? Why are his lungs making that noise? Sasha’s expression took a sharp turn. Like a professional, she placed her fingers on his chest and examined him.
As suspected, there was a minor tremble within, and it was obviously caused by straining too much.

So that old man’s intense training had strained him too much and was beyond what his body could handle. Hell, it has gotten to the point where his lungs became vulnerable to infection! He developed a fever because the infection had taken hold of him.

That freaking old fart!

Sasha was so angry that she was on the verge of bursting.
She had no choice but to help him up quickly and take his shirt off to give him an acupuncture treatment.
“W-what are you doing?”

The man who was leaning on Sasha suddenly woke up at that crucial moment. He opened his eyes, and his unfocused gaze told him that he was leaning on her. He also realized that she had taken his clothes off, so he was asking weakly.

Sasha turned to him and informed, “You have a fever, Mr. Hayes. Is your chest hurting right now?” Sebastian didn’t answer.

Sweat was dripping out of his forehead, and it was difficult for him to speak.

Hurting? It’s a f*cking lot more than that! I am in agonizing pain and every breath stings.

“W-what happened to me?”

“Your lungs are injured from overexerting yourself. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I’ll treat you right now and ease the pain. After that, all we need is to get you on a drip, and you’ll be just fine.”

After saying her piece, Sasha stabbed a small needle on the acupuncture point on his back.

A few minutes later, the immense pain in Sebastian’s chest finally eased up, and he was no longer hurting with each breath. He sighed in relief and swayed a little before he fell backward.

“Mr. Hayes!”

Sasha hadn’t taken the needles cut yet, so she opened her arms and hugged him tight when she saw him falling backward like that.

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