Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 766

No one spoke.
She is so soft and smells so nice.

Sebastian was still in a daze when he fell into Sasha’s embrace, but he was conscious. He smelled her pleasant scent and felt engulfed in love and joy once more.

His gaze soon became tainted with lust.

Sasha noticed how ambiguous things were as well. She was especially aware of how he was half-naked and how she was the one who took his shirt off earlier. That got her to blush in bright red.

“M-Mr. Hayes, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

Sasha suppressed her emotions and tried to get her thumping heart to calm down. She was quick but careful when she pushed the guy away.

Sebastian finally returned to his bed.

It only took a second for that warmth and softness to leave him. He didn’t want to admit it, but even in that confused state, he could still feel that he was reluctant to part. He wanted her warmth to engulf him and loved the mild perfume she was wearing.

‘lll go get you a bag of glucose right away.”

Sasha, however, didn’t dare to even look at him. She left to get a bag of glucose as soon as she fled the crime scene.
Unfortunately, her heart was still beating out of rhythm when she returned with the bag of glucose.

Sasha stood at the side of his bed.

Thank the heavens that he has gone back to sleep.

The way Sebastian laid there with his eyes closed also made it seem like the incident from a moment ago never happened.

Sasha held his hand up and was going to penetrate his skin with the needle when…
“Be gentle.”


Sasha jumped in surprise when she heard the guy talking.

“Y-you’re awake?”

No one replied.

Sebastian stopped talking and simply rested on his bed. He was still pale when he frowned and turned to face the other side like he was getting annoyed.

Sasha was speechless.

It took her a while before she calmed her thumping heart down. She tilted her head down and used the thin, sharp needle to stab the back of Sebastian’s hand.

If Sebastian were being honest, he would say that he didn’t feel anything at all.

She lived in Clear for five years, and during that time, she had to act as both the doctor and the nurse because there weren’t many staff there. Hence, she would diagnose her patient, write the prescription, and give the pills to her patient all in one go. That wasn’t challenging for her because she was also a TCM practitioner.

As expected, color slowly returned to Sebastian’s cheeks after a while.
Sasha noticed that Sebastian’s shirt remained unbuttoned, so she steeled herself out and reached out.

“Mr. Hayes, I-I’m going to button you up, okay? It’s late at night, and it’ll get chilly. It’d be bad if you catch a cold,” said Sasha, who deliberated for a long while before she mustered enough courage to ask that question.

Unfortunately, the guy never budged, even after she finished her sentence.

Is he asleep? He’s laying there with his eyes closed, but that’s how he was earlier when he was awake… Does this mean he went back to sleep or not?

Sasha tilted her head down and observed for quite some time. She worried about him catching a cold, so she ended up reaching out for the shirt that was barely hanging on to his waist.

They were so close that it was a little suffocating.

Sasha was blushing so hard and she acted like a thief. Her long, beautiful eyelashes fluttered as if they were wings of a butterfly.
Fortunately, the guy never moved, even after she dragged him to sit upright.

I guess that means he’s asleep.

Sasha sighed a breath of relief right away. She also became gutsier, so to make things easier, she pulled his shirt up and bent over him. She even put her hand on the back of his neck as she helped him lie back down.

“What are you doing?” It felt like a bomb had suddenly gone off.

This idiot has the worst timing and woke up again! He even opened his eyes.

Voom! Sasha stared at him as her mind exploded. Blood rushed to her head and stunned her so much that she stayed in that position.

“Macy West, what mischievous plan do you have for me? What are your intentions?”

Sebastian’s condition had stabilized after getting the dextrose he needed from the bag of glucose.

He stared calmly at her as his dark brown eyes shone with unreadable emotions. Despite that mystery, his beautiful eyes glowed with the kind of serenity that could get anyone to melt in them.

Sasha immediately felt her cheeks burning hotter. She explained, “I… No, I would never…”

“Then why are you always trying to get close to me? Do you realize what you look like at this moment?” “W-what?”

“Like a hungry slut!” growled Sebastian through gritted teeth as he lay under her.

Sasha’s eyes bulged in response to that.

A slut? How dare he use that word on me?

Sasha came back around. Her first instinct was to push him away immediately in a fit of anger.

Unfortunately, the guy suddenly put his hand on the back of her head and ambushed her before she got to react. His long fingers locked in on her, and he pulled her in for a kiss.

What the hell? Sasha was petrified.

Her eyes bulged like she had just been struck by lightning, and her irises dilated exponentially as she stared at the man she was kissing…

Actually… that wasn’t right. She wasn’t the one kissing him. He’s forcing me to kiss him!

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