Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 767

Sebastian’s irises constricted as well. He never thought that he would end up doing something like this.

It was as if he was under a spell. He knew that she was attached, but when he smelled her perfume and looked at her soft, red lips… He didn’t know why, but an insane impulse came at him.

I want her! It was as if she belonged to him in the first place.

Sebastian’s heart was thumping in excitement. He finally got to taste her sweet lips, and it felt like electricity was coursing through him. That got the lust in his eyes to burn wilder.

Sasha couldn’t speak.

She was completely defenseless.

He has his hand on the back of my head and is locking me in position. Darn it, how did he get my teeth to part, so he could invade my mouth like this? He’s nuts!

Sasha didn’t know how she got free.

All she remembered was hearing a pained moan before she came around and push Sebastian away. After that, she saw how the needle attached to the back of his other hand had fallen off. He bled right away.


Sasha regained her footing immediately. She stood up right away and gripped his hand before using a ball of cotton and putting some pressure on his injury.

W-what the hell was I doing?

Sasha was blushing so hard that she looked like a bright apple. She didn’t even dare to look at Sebastian.

Similarly, Sebastian had come around. He looked at his own hand and instantly stiffened. Fury swelled up in him at the very next second. He was mad at Sasha…

But he was also angry at himself.

Am I retarded? Why would I do something like that to her?

“Leave!” commanded Sebastian.

It only took him a second to revert to his old self. His gaze was icy and distant, and he looked so grouchy that he was terrifying.

Sasha couldn’t respond.

She stared at him for a moment. At first, she wanted to say something, but her mind was in a mess. Hence, she readjusted his needle, then fled immediately after.

Yep, fled was the right word to use.

Sasha had never thought that he would do something like that, so she had been thinking about running away for some time. Under those circumstances, there was no way she could think of anything else.

That was why Sasha fled that night…
Devin had been out with Vivian for some time.

He initially planned on taking her home at around eight o’clock that night, but he saw his mom and cousin, Kira, in the shopping mall. They were in a branded store at the time.

Have they made up already?

Devin saw them there, so he carried the kid and headed over.
“Mom, Kira, what brought the two of you here?”

“Huh? Devin? I didn’t know you’re here.”

Jasmine was delighted to see her son there.

Kira, however, wasn’t as delighted to see her cousin. A hint of panic ran in her eyes, and her beautiful face turned a little pale when she saw him.

“I took the kid out to play with her. What are you two doing here? It’s late, so why are you still shopping? Oh, what’s that? Ingredients?” asked Devin as he put the kid down and walked to the store where the ladies were.

Jasmine quickly replied, “Yeah, Kira has a few days off, so I asked her to come over and whip up a delightful meal for us. Oh, by the way, you mentioned a little girl. Whose kid is she?”

Jasmine was quick to change the topic and divert everybody’s attention to the child.

Oh yeah, where did the kid come from? My son hasn’t gotten married, and I have never seen him around a child before, so…
whose kid is this?

Vivian was holding Devin’s hand when she saw how the lady in front of her was staring menacingly. That prompted Vivian to squeeze Devin’s hand with her chubby fingers.
“Uncle Devin, carry me!”

“Huh?” Devin tilted his head down and picked the kid up before complaining, “Mom, why are you staring at her? You have scared her.”

“It’s not that. I’m just wondering who the kid belongs to. Why is she with you? Is… is she your illegitimate daughter?” Jasmine was being serious. She noticed that the kid was especially beautiful and looked a little like Devin.

“Why are you so agitated, Mom? She is the daughter of Sebastian’s doctor. Grandpa practically tortured Sebastian today at the Oceanic Estate, so her mom needed to work overtime to care for Sebastian. That is why I took the kid out. I didn’t want the good doctor to get distracted,” explained Devin quickly because he worried about his mom traumatizing the kid. He frowned in displeasure as he did so.

Jasmine sighed a breath of relief upon hearing that.

Thank the heavens!

Kira was relieved as well.

“So, Mom, I’ll take her back if there’s nothing urgent. It’s late, and I worry that the good doctor will be looking for her child.” Devin didn’t want to waste any more time with his mom, so he was ready to leave with the kid.

Unfortunately, Jasmine suddenly grabbed his arm and stopped him. She instructed, “Wait. I need you to take Kira to the Oceanic Estate tomorrow. I’ve already talked to your grandpa about it. She will be cooking for Sebastian for the time being.”

“Huh? She’s going to cook in Oceanic Estate? But what about the White House?”

“She’s on holiday. Your grandpa knows how good of a caok she is and thought about how she finally had some time off.
That is why he asked her to go cook a few meals for Sebastian. See? I bought extra so she could take these exquisite ingredients over tomorrow.”

Jasmine worried that Devin wouldn’t agree to it, so she showed him everything she bought.

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