Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 769

Damn it! Is he dumb? How can he be so rude? “Oh! Its you!” Jonathan was not really pleased the moment he saw her.

At the same time, Sebastian also turned in her direction. In a split second, his face turned grim. “What are you doing here?” he snapped at her.

“Mr. Hayes, I’m here to bring you a jacket. You had a fever last night. It’s too windy here. I’m worried that you will catch a cold and fall sick again,” she explained as she approached him with the jacket.

What a stubborn fellow! How I wish to teach him a lesson! Why does he come all the way here early in the morning? Doesn’t he know that he is still weak and might fall sick again at any moment?

Sasha could not resist scoffing inwardly. Pfft! What an ill-tempered man! No doubt, old Mr. Jadeson is quite annoying. Anyway, there is no harm bowing to him, so he will be pleased and be more lenient with his intensive training. After all, there’s nothing to lose. Why can’t this man learn to cool his head off and control his temper?

Sasha approached Sebastian and was about to put the jacket on his shoulders.

“Get out of my way!” He shrugged her off in dismay the moment her hand touched him, as though he was stung by an insect. His lips tightened into a thin line; his eyes were blazing with utter resistance and abhorrence.

Astounded by his bellow of anger, Sasha froze on the spot with the jacket in her arm.

Why is he boiling with anger again? Is it because of what happened last night? He was actually the one making the first move; yet, I didn’t even lash out at him!

Sasha pouted her lips and looked at the man indignantly. Fortunately, it was rather windy when they were at the top level of the observation tower. Meanwhile, Jonathan was savoring his cup of tea. Thus, he was unaware of the tense atmosphere between both of them.

Even so, it still caught his attention when Sasha mentioned that Sebastian had a fever the night before.

“What did you say just now? He had a fever?” He put down the cup and fixed his penetrating gaze on her,

Hmph! Fine, I’d better stop getting on this arrogant man’s nerves. Let me try talking things out with Old Mr. Jadeson instead!

Sasha came to her senses at once and moved to stand alongside Jonathan. “Yeah, it seems his lungs were injured in a way due to overexertian, resulting in the drastic rise in body temperature. Anyway, his condition is currently under control after going through acupuncture last night,” she explained to him tactfully.

In an instant, a hint of awkwardness flashed across Jonathan’s face. Miraculously, his simmering anger was gone within seconds.

Nonetheless, he put on a grim look and refuted, “It’s because he still lacks exercise!”

“Old Mr. Jadeson, Mr. Hayes’ physical condition is quite good. However, he was unconscious for three months and sustained different injuries constantly after regaining consciousness. Subsequently, his body becomes weaker unavoidably.
Please allow me to treat him with my traditional methods for a period of time. By then, I’m pretty sure he will be as fit and strong as Mr. Devin and the others.” Sasha tried to convince Jonathan.

In the meantime, she could not resist recalling how Sebastian used to look before that. Her lips curved into an attractive smile as she reminisced about those moments.

If only they knew how the omnipotent man used to manage such a big corporation! Regardless of various challenges, he was as fit as a fiddle!

This round, Jonathan did not utter any words to retort.

After about ten minutes, the morning sun gradually moved higher in the sky. Shrouded by the golden ray of the rising sun, they started to feel warmer.

Jonathan finally put down his cup and was about to leave. He uttered solemnly, “Have a good rest then. All of them will come later. Bear in mind to cool yourself down and mind your manner.”

Sasha was dumbfounded before she asked curiously, “Old Mr. Jadeson, what do you mean by ‘they’?”

“All the Jadesons. I will officially move back here from today onwards. Since everyone hasn’t seen each other for a long time, I will grab the opportunity to hold a feast at noon. It is a reunion lunch for the Jadesons in a way,” Jonathan explained nonchalantly as he stood up. Even so, there was a hint of warning in his eyes when he threw a meaningful glance at Sebastian before he strode away.

Sasha was rendered speechless.

The Jadesons? Does he mean Jared Jadeson’s whole family and that branch family? Why did he invite them over for lunch all of a sudden? What caused him to move back to Oceanic Estate within such a short span? Hmm! It will be inconvenient for me since he has moved back!

Sasha’s mind drifted in a daze due to the sudden change.
On the other hand, Sebastian moved away in his wheelchair right after Jonathan left. Somehow, there were not even the slightest bit of changes in his countenance, as though he did not catch Jonathan’s words at all.

“Hey, Mr. Hayes, wait for me!” At the sight of Sebastian, who was leaving the place, Sasha finally came to herself and tried to catch up with him.

She intended to push his wheelchair. Nonetheless, he turned to shoot her a cold glance when her hand was about to touch the handles.

“Stop following me!” he snapped coldly.

Sasha’s hands stiffened in mid-air as she mumbled quizzically, “Huh? Mr. Hayes, I have to look after you. Why can’t I stay by your side?”

“I don’t need that!” the man rejected her right away with a grim look on his face.

“The residence will be very packed later. Bring your child back first and come again tomorrow,” he instructed coldly.
“But…” Sasha tried to argue. It never crossed her mind that he would make such an arrangement.

Even so, he left without sparing her another glance.

Sasha was dumfounded.

All the Jadesons are coming! Even Charles Jadeson, who harbors grudges against him, is coming with his family! How can I go back now? My goodness! I still shudder whenever I recall how they had tried to kill him under broad daylight in the hospital previously! How can I let him face all of them by himself?

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