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The Evil Wife and the Monster Poem

One Wark had a psheetle and this wife was evil and evil. He’ll say a word, and she’ll say two, and she’ll swing a fire at him. In short, he had no life from her; he tried his best to get rid of it, but he couldn’t.

One day he went into the woods for firewood and on the way back he noticed a deep hole away from the road. “It would be nice to get your villain there!” thought the pschitle. Near the pit, an apple tree with ripe sweet apples hung over it caught his eye. “That’s the bait! – Involuntarily fell off the tongue of the pishtel. “She likes to feast on apples.” First of all, he closed the hole of the pit with firewood and covered it with hay; then he began to rub the apple tree, causing a hundred or two apples to fall; he picked the apples and put them on the cover, and when everything was ready, he put a few apples in his pocket and drove home.

– That you’ve disappeared for so long in the woods, so-and-so! – began to saw him grumpy zheya, only to notice him from a distance sitting on an arb with firewood. – Fell apart like a work of some sort!

That’s not enough: she picked up the stake to see if her husband was sitting firmly on the watermelon when he brought a few apples to her mouth:

– Look how blushy they are! You love them so much! The guessing husband said and stopped his wife’s hand that had already been raised.

“Where did you get them from, sweet hubby?”

– Found in the woods! I had a lot of them, but I had to leave them: I had nowhere to hide them. Do you want me to show you where those apples are?

– Please, at least tomorrow at dawn!

Said and done. At dawn, a husband and wife sat on an arba and went to the forest for apples. Dear wife was in a great mood of spirit. The husband also had fun and began to boast to his wife how prudent he was:

– You know what, little pigeon! I didn’t throw apples somehow; after all, they could get damp on the ground and spoil. I collected firewood and hay and on this mat carefully laid out the apples one to the other. I remembered everything about you, and you will be satisfied!

When they arrived at this place, the wife, seeing a bunch of beautiful apples, rushed there with the words:

– What glorious apples! How many there are! They will last for a whole month!

As soon as she stepped on the flooring with a bag and greedily reached out for apples, all this flew down, and along with the flooring and apples, the evil wife!

Standing on the edge of the cliff, he could hear very well his wife crashing to the bottom of the pit and her curses coming from there. But he doesn’t blow his whiskers; he doesn’t think to help her out of there. After a while, he turned the bulls home and without his wife, he healed with a chorus.

At the bottom of the pit, where the evil wife fell, lived a monster. As soon as she saw him, she immediately attacked him with swearing:

– Damn! Why are you stretched out here: I have nowhere to step. Come on, you’re already! – and began to saw and saw it, forgetting that it was not her husband, but a monster. At times, the monster objected. Thus, the swearing did not stop all day; the monster became quieter and quieter, folding in half, and the voice of the evil wife rose and became so loud that the peasants who came for firewood heard it, but, of course, not knowing where this frantic cry was coming from and explaining all this supernatural reasons, they moved away.

The scream at the bottom of the pit didn’t stop. One day an old peasant came to the forest for firewood. He heard a scream and decided to get closer to the pit. Looking in there, he shouted; – What are you yelling about there, dammits?

– Help, good man! Wonder prayed. – Completely by an evil wife!

– Why not help? Help; just take an oath that you won’t offend me!

“Not only will I not offend, but I will even be useful in trouble,” the monster said in a pleading voice.

The farmer cut down a long branch and lowered it to the bottom of the pit. The monster clung to it with its claws, and the old man pulled him out of the abyss. The evil wife remained at the bottom of the pit; she wanted to grab the branch herself, but the monster shook its tail and it bounced to the side. And the old man was in a hurry too much: he was also afraid of his evil wife.

Once on the surface of the earth, the monster soared into the air, and then descended to the upper reaches of the river flowing through the nearest aul. The terrible monster blocked the river with its body so that not a single drop of water could leak. What is it like for the unfortunate inhabitants of the village! They, the poor, are thirsty, the cattle roar, in the village there is a moan and crying! Only the old man who pulled the monster out of the pit did not languish with thirst: no matter how many times he goes to the place where the monster dammed the water, he brings full buckets of water. The neighbors see that the monster does nothing to the old man, while all the others who come close to him for water eat, and tell this to the whole village society; society asks the old man to help the grief and offers him a purse of gold as payment for labor. The old man agreed, took the money and went to the monster.

– Do mercy, monster! The old man asked. – Skip the water; I’m not asking for nothing: I got a purse of gold. What more will you take from you?

– That’s what I got; now we’re kvits. Look don’t come again!

– Yes, if you don’t prank anymore!

The water rushed in a stormy stream: it almost flooded the village. All the residents are happy that there is something to quench their thirst and water their livestock.

Releasing the water, the monster soared into the air and descended to the upper reaches of the river in another village. And there is moaning and crying, because there is no water for people or for livestock. Having heard that in the neighboring village there is such an old man who knows the monster that dammed the water, the inhabitants of the whole society appeal to him with a request, for which they offer him two purses of gold. The old man is not averse to helping; Taking the money, he went to the monster:

– Have mercy! Why are you torturing the people? Give them a little water!

– I told you not to molest me again. We’ve already gotten even!

– Would it be if you were sitting at the bottom of the pit?

– Well, don’t remember, please! I’ll skip the water. But look! Come again, don’t blame me: eat you like the others.

– Yes, if you don’t torture the people anymore, you won’t see me!

The water went, and a joyful cry arose in the village: both people and livestock quenched their thirst.

The monster rushed to the third village, dammed the water there. People come and from there to the old man with a request to help the grief and offer not two, but three purses of gold. The old man agreed, but knowing that the monster would not let go of the water of his own free will, he decided to finally deal with him: he runs to the monster, throwing off his extra dress, with disheveled hair and signs of terrible fright on his face and shouts from afar:

– Rescue, Monster! The evil wife miraculously climbed out of her pit, dispersed the whole nation with a scream; I ran away to warn you: she’s looking for you!

– Well, if this damn woman got out of her pit, then the two of us can’t live together in the world!

With these words, the monster rushed from the nearest steep and was killed to death. The water, of course, flowed as before, and the whole area, thanks to the resourcefulness of the old man, got rid of the danger threatening her forever. The old man, with the money he received, built himself a beautiful saklya, got bulls, horses and a whole baranta and lived to glory.

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