The Man’s Decree – Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Serve You In Bed

On the other hand, Marcus also gazed at Jared in bafflement.

‘I have some knowledge of it.” Jared nodded placidly.

“Great to hear that! Could you please help to treat my dad? If you manage to cure him, I’m willing to do anything to repay your kindness! Even if…” Sonia’s voice trailed off; her face flushed red. Seconds later, she piped out, ‘Even if… you want me to serve you in bed!”

“Huh? No, you don’t have to do so. I already have a girlfriend.” Jared was utterly speechless. My goodness! Do I look like a womanizer?

Sonia blushed crimson and cast her eyes down with shame. “But there’s nothing I can offer you now other than myself…”

‘Don’t you still have your jade pendant?” Jared threw a look at the jade pendant in her hand.

In an instant, Sonia lifted her head and stared at him nervously. Tightening her grasp around the jade pendant, she stammered, “W-What do you intend to do?”

‘Take it easy. I’m just interested in taking a look at your jade pendant. By the way, let me try to stabilize your dad’s condition first.”

The next moment, Jared pressed one hand lightly on Marcus’ head. Seconds later, a wave of spiritual energy emanated from his body and flowed into the latter’s body. It enveloped his.
injured internal organs and started healing them gradually.

Meanwhile, Marcus felt a ripple of warmth flow into his body. After a while, he felt as though his entire body was becoming lighter. Apart from that, his cheeks were slowly becoming rosy again.

Sensing the drastic change in her father’s condition, Sonia’s eyes glittered with joy. “Dad, how are you feeling now?”

Marcus coughed and replied, “I can breathe better now. The pain in my stomach seemed to have eased as well.”

“Thank you so much!” Sonia expressed her gratitude to Jared earnestly.

“So… Can I see your jade pendant now?” Jared asked.

Holding the jade pendant tightly, she flashed her father a glance hesitantly.

Marcus nodded his head approvingly at once.
“Sonia, show it to him. After all, he’s our benefactor!”

Sonia had no choice but to hand over the jade pendant to Jared. The moment he held it in his hand, he felt a strong sense of familiarity.

Two dragons were carved on the jade pendant.
Due to the excellent craftsmanship, it looked as though they were alive and were spiraling on the pendant.

Jared unleashed a wave of spiritual energy gradually into the jade pendant, but it soon bounced back with massive force. The jade pendant almost flung out of his hand due to the overwhelming force!

Ah! There seems to be a seal on the jade pendant! After pondering for a while, Jared bit his middle finger to squeeze a drop of blood onto the jade pendant.

Sonia was about to stretch out her hands to stop him, but her father stood in her way.
Shaking his head, he gestured to her not to interrupt Jared.

When Jared’s blood dropped onto the jade pendant, it glittered with an instant red light, followed by the thunderous roaring sound of the dragons.

It was as though the two dragons had come alive and started moving swiftly. However, the red light slowly faded away right after the blood was absorbed. Moments later, the jade pendant was back to its usual look again.

Awestruck, Sonia and her father’s eyes widened in disbelief as they fastened their gazes on Jared.

“Hal So that’s how it works!” Jared was flushed with excitement as he turned to look at Marcus.
“Sir, do you have any idea where this jade pendant comes from?”

‘lm not really sure about it. If ’m not mistaken, my father picked it up somewhere on an island.
It glittered with red light like how it did a while ago and saved my father’s life. Since then, the jade has become our family heirloom.”

“So your father picked it up on an island?” Jared knitted his brows as he thought about Nameless Island and Dragon Island, as mentioned by Draco. Hmm! I bet I can only find out more after exploring the islands!

“Since it’s your heirloom, it’s inappropriate for me to request it from you too. However, it might bring misfortune to you…” Jared pointed out as he returned the jade pendant to Sonia.

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