The Man’s Decree – Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Are You Not Willing

Marcus heaved a deep sigh sorrowfully.
“Undeniably, this jade pendant has brought disasters to the Yeagers. Sadly, both of us are the only Yeagers left.”

Earlier on, Jared happened to overhear something from Tristan and Sonia’s conversation. The Yeagers seemed to have attracted unwanted attention because of the jade pendant, spelling trouble for themselves.
Consequently, it’s just a matter of time before a tragic fate befalls them!

“Dad, don’t worry. I vow to avenge all the Yeagers!” Sonia reassured Marcus with a glint of determination amid fury in her eyes.

Surprisingly, Marcus shook his head and tried to talk Sonia out of doing so. “Sonia, forget about it. You’re the only one by my side now. I really don’t wish to end up losing you again.
Let’s find a secluded place to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Next, he took the jade pendant from Sonia and handed it to Jared. “I’m grateful to you for saving my life. I believe this jade pendant is meant for you. You can make miracles with this jade pendant. Thus, I’ve made up my mind to give it to you. From this moment onwards, it means nothing to us anymore.”

Jared took the jade pendant from him without hesitation. “Thank you so much. Don’t hesitate to call me if you are in trouble at any moment.”

After that, he gave Sonia and Marcus his phone number and some money. They thanked him sincerely and left right away.

Initially, their main aim was to look for the Herb Palace so Marcus’ internal injury could be treated. Since Jared had cured him, it was.
pointless for them to stay there any longer.
Besides, Tristan and Franco were looking all over the place for them.

By the time Jared was back in the hotel, the sun had risen. Without wasting time, he started to cultivate the jade pendant, hoping to transform it into an ultimate shielding tool soonest possible. As long as Josephine brings it along with her, even the so-called formidable Internal Energy Grandmaster would not be able to inflict any harm on her!

‘Jared, wake up for breakfast now!” Coincidentally, Josephine knocked on the door right after he cultivated the jade pendant into the ultimate shielding tool.

Not wanting to let Josephine know, Jared pretended that he had just woken up and opened the door with a yawn.

“Ah! You’re early! I was hoping to sleep a little longer!” he grumbled and rubbed his eyes.

“Sleepyhead, time to get up! After breakfast, accompany us to go shopping. Lizbeth told me that everyone here has expertise in martial arts and is exceptionally ill-tempered. Thus, we don’t dare to go by ourselves. You must be our bodyguard,” Josephine explained.

“What? Shopping?” Jared could feel his temples throb the moment he heard that.

Josephine turned to glare at him instantaneously. “Why? You’re reluctant to accompany us?”

“Of course, I’m more than willing to do so.” Jared could only put on his brightest smile to appease her.

Nevertheless, when Jared was going downstairs for breakfast with Josephine, she caught a glimpse of the bitemark on his arm.
As Sonia had bitten him quite hard the day before, the mark was visible even after many hours had elapsed.

“What’s this? Did you tease some young girls last night and end up getting bitten?” Josephine questioned him.

“When there’s a gorgeous lady like you by my side, do you think there’re any young girls who can catch my eye? It was merely a misunderstanding. I was looking for a jade pendant for you.” Jared reassured her and took out the unique pendant with two dragons.

Josephine’s eyes lit up when the jade pendant came into view. She held it up and cautiously scrutinized it without questioning further. Deep down, she trusted him and was convinced that he was not the type of man who would flirt with other women behind her back.

After breakfast, Jared accompanied Josephine and Lizbeth shopping for the whole day.
Initially, he expected the Herb Palace would stir up trouble again. He was surprised the day passed by peacefully without any hiccups.

The following day was the commencement of the Martial Arts Gathering. Hence, the whole Tayhaven Town was engulfed in a different atmosphere. A tall stage was even set up outside the main entrance of the town as the arena.

Those from the Herb Palace took the responsibility to stand guard around the arena.
Meanwhile, some elderlies were seated in the arena, playing the roles of judges.

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