The Man’s Decree – Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Are You Scared

Lionel sat among the audience. His expression suggested that things were not going his way as he clenched his fists anxiously.

“Mr. Chance…” he called out softly to Jared from behind.

The former was obviously trying to get him to make a move at that crucial moment to rescue Jesse. That was the more appropriate course of action because Jared was within the age range, and Lionel himself wasn’t.

Jared said nothing, but he nodded slightly. He would not have let anything bad happen to Jesse, even if Lionel hadn’t asked.

Lionel sighed in relief when he saw that

nod. Given Jared’s strength, Baldy over there can be twice as strong, but it still won’t be a problem.

At that moment, Jesse had already backed up the edge of the arena. Both his arms were numb, so he could only move instinctively to deal with Baldy’s incessant attacks.

“Get off the stage, punk!”

Baldy grinned and swung a punch to hit Jesse in his chest.

If that hit were to land, Jesse would, without a doubt, fall out of the arena. He would either die or suffer serious injury.

The audience frowned upon seeing that. Jesse was one of the most skilled martial artists of the next generation. He had a great shot at winning the tournament. Yet, despite his skills, Baldy’s attack had overwhelmed him.

All they saw was how Baldy’s fist would land on Jesse’s chest soon. There was no way to avoid it. Just then, a figure instantly zipped to the stage and grabbed Baldy’s wrist.

That ferocious punch was halted just like that.

Baldy was surprised. He tilted his head and realized the one who had stopped his attack was the young man from Extreme Fist Gym.

“What now? Are the two of you going to go up against me simultaneously?”

Jared released his hold on Baldy and sneered.
‘Jesse has been defeated, and he is raising his white flag. I shall be your opponent now.”

‘Thank you, Mr. Chance. You saved my life.”

Jesse’s forehead was covered in sweat. Being that close to death had left him weak with fear.

“Go on, get out of here,” instructed Jared calmly.

Jesse nodded and jumped out of the arena.

Baldy, however, narrowed his eyes cautiously while scanning Jared from head to toe. That guy grabbed my wrist with ease without even a hint of a struggle. He is definitely stronger than he looks.

‘I have gone through many battles and am exhausted now. As per the rules, I am allowed a break and let someone else fight you.”

Baldy couldn’t tell how strong Jared was, so he wanted the latter to fight someone else first.
That way, he could observe the fight from the side.

“Oh, you’re not tired. I bet you’re just scared,” replied Jared while smiling. “Here, I’ll fight you with one hand behind my back.”

Jared waved at Baldy with his other free hand.

That taunt was infuriating. There were dozens of witnesses there, and Jared was claiming he could beat Baldy with one hand on his back.
Baldy would surely become the laughingstock if he were to back out now.

When the audience saw that, they started murmuring among themselves. It intrigued even the few elderly men on the stage.
Spencer was the only one who stared calmly at Jared.

Tristan had snuck in with his men. They were hiding among the crowd, glaring icily at Jared.
On the other side, Franco narrowed his eyes in amusement as he stood among the spectators with his men.

‘I can’t believe you’re that arrogant, punk. It doesn’t matter how powerful your family is. Any deaths and injuries inflicted here are free from all legal repercussions. No one can come after me if you die by my hand.” Baldy glared murderously at his opponent.

He didn’t know who Jared really was, so he was worried about getting into trouble if he accidentally killed the man.

“Oh, don’t worry. No one will come after you when that happens.”

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