The Man’s Decree – Chapter 447

Chapter 447 No Right To Talk

“Good, I’m glad to hear that,” replied Baldy. He roared at the next moment, and his skin started turning darker. The veins on his forehead were slowly revealing themselves as well.

Then he attacked. The punch he threw was so strong it was as though a tsunami was going after Jared.

Jesse, who was watching off the stage, turned a little pale. If Baldy had used that punch from the very beginning, he likely wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did.

Jared grinned mockingly upon seeing Baldy’s punch. He waited until the man was right in front of him before launching his counter-attack casually. All everyone saw was how weak Jared’s punch seemed, and it looked as though the two were on different levels.

However, when their fists met, it created a massive force of energy. Even the few elderly men on stage had to tap into their internal energy to withstand that force. They literally swept most of the audience off their feet and overturned every table and chair.

Crack! It was a crisp sound.

When everyone regained their composure, they saw Baldy’s arm had bent in the most peculiar way. He stood rooted in the arena, looking ghastly pale. His eyes shone with immense fear as he stared at Jared.

‘I-I admit-”

Baldy realized Jared was stronger than he could possibly imagine, so he was quick to admit defeat.

Unfortunately, Jared cut him off with a slap.

Half of Baldy’s face became red and swollen.
All of his teeth fell out of his mouth, and the intense pain prompted him to scream in agony.

‘I know you want to concede defeat, but there is no way I’ll allow you to do so.”

After saying that, Jared punched over and attacked Baldy once more.

Baldy roared loudly. He used his other hand to defend himself as much as possible. All he wanted was to flee, but his legs had already sunk into the arena, so he couldn’t move at all.


Jared’s punch landed on Baldy’s chest and penetrated his body before exiting from the other side. Crimson red blood dripped from Jared’s hand.

Baldy’s eyes bulged in disbelief and hatred as his body went limp. Obviously, he died on the spot.

The entire place turned quiet after that.
Everybody turned their attention from Baldy to Jared, who scanned around and asked, “Anybody else want to come up here?”

No one dared to say anything. Baldy was strong, but Jared had killed the guy easily with one hand behind his back. If anyone else were to try, they’d just die on the stage.

“What a bunch of losers…”

A man made his way to the arena.

“Huh? Isn’t that Derek Jantz?”

Many recognized the guy because it was a huge deal when Derek was kicked out of the family years ago.

Spencer narrowed his eyes in silence when he saw Derek getting up on the stage. However, the elderly man sitting beside him spoke up.

‘Derek Jantz, this is the Martial Arts Gathering, and the arena has its rules. Anyone over thirty- five years old is disqualified. You are way too old to be there. Leave now!”

To everybody’s surprise, Derek simply sneered and replied, “Spencer Schmidt is in charge.
He’s not complaining, so what are you barking about, you old man? You have no right to talk right now.”

He waved his arm nonchalantly. A powerful wave of aura zipped over to the elderly man, who frowned and immediately tapped into his internal energy. Even then, he was sent flying out of the arena, and his chair was pulverized.

Everyone was surprised upon seeing that. Only someone of incredible strength was qualified to be a judge. Derek had sent the old man flying with a single wave of his arm.

Spencer was furious. The Herb Palace was the one hosting the Martial Arts Gathering. Derek’s behavior was a direct insult to the host and his earlier words, in particular, had utterly embarrassed Spencer.

The latter said nothing earlier because he wanted the former to teach Jared a lesson.
However, Derek wasn’t just going after Jared.
He was mocking Spencer as well, and that was something the latter would not publicly endure, especially since Tristan was observing everything from the shadows.

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