The Man’s Decree – Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Lapdog

‘Don’t worry, I will rescue that punk after they beat him up. We must crush his ego to get what we want,” replied Tristan calmly.

After Tristan left with his men, Derek glared at Jared and growled, “I will avenge my family’s death today, and glory will return to the Jantz family’s name!”

As he spoke, he moved forward to attack Jared, but Franco reached out to stop him.

Franco grinned calmly at Jared. “We meet again. My, what a small world.”

He had met Jared once at Lizbeth’s parents’

place. At the time, Franco found Jared’s aura to be strong. He knew the guy was powerful, but he didn’t expect Jared to be the one who had murdered Zachariah.

“Yes, it truly is a small world,” replied Jared icily.

‘Tell me what Tristan wants from you. If you do so and agree to follow my lead, I will have Derek spare your life. You won’t have to owe.
the Baileys anything, either.”

Franco knew Jared had something Tristan wanted. Otherwise, Tristan would not have gone up against the Coopers for a guy like him. Whatever Jared has with him must be extremely valuable.

Derek shot a silent look at Franco. If the latter requested it, he might just let Jared off the hook, because he and Zachariah weren’t actually that close. In fact, Derek himself might’ve killed Zachariah if Jared hadn’t beaten him to it.

The so-called vengeance was just an excuse to kill Jared. Derek would make a claim to be the head of the Jantz family after killing him, and his would officially be a part of the Coopers’ power in Jazona.

“Are you sure you’ll do that?” asked Jared.

“Of course. Everyone knows I always keep my word,” replied Franco as he tapped his own chest confidently.

Tristan tightened his fist and frowned. He didn’t expect Franco to make a move like that. If Jared were to accept the Coopers’ terms, it would be a huge loss to Tristan and his family.

“Okay, then I’ll tell you what’s going on,” replied Jared while smiling in amusement. “You see, Tristan here wants to be my lapdog, but I don’t want something so ugly, so I turned him down.
He keeps badgering me about it, though.

‘That being said, I will consider letting you be my lapdog if you beg me for it.”

The audience laughed endlessly. Tristan, however, looked utterly infuriated.

Franco was burning in rage as well. “You’re messing with me!”

“What if I am? Men like you mess with women’s hearts all the time, so it’s just karma.
Jerks like you aren’t even worthy of being my lapdog,” replied Jared as he sneered in distaste.

He was obviously talking about how Franco had backed out of his engagement to Lizbeth.

“You are so freaking dead,” growled Franco through gritted teeth. He turned to Derek and ordered, “Kill him and tear him apart!”

Derek’s aura flushed out the second he received Franco’s orders. It engulfed Jared right away.

‘I will tear you limb from limb, you punk!”

Derek was like a bloodthirsty monster who had his sights on Jared.

“Wow, this dog sure can bark, but I know better. Barking dogs like you have no bite.”

Jared harrumphed and flushed his terrifying aura out of his body as well.

When their auras clashed, a whirlwind formed.

‘Back up!” ordered Franco. He led his men to the side of the arena upon seeing how everything was playing out.

Jared and Derek stood in the same spot. With them as the epicenter, an insanely powerful whirlwind spread out.

It didn’t take long before Derek started

sweating, but Jared remained standing there calmly. It was as though the latter didn’t need to do anything to flush that powerful aura out.

‘Is that all you can do?” asked Jared. He noticed Derek’s condition was deteriorating, so he further mocked, “Given how weak you are, you are not worthy of even being a lapdog.”

“Ah, I am so going to kill you!”

Derek had lost his composure from the continuous taunting.

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