The Man’s Decree – Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Amazing Item

After shouting aloud, Derek swung his arm at Jared. Its huge shadow towered over the man like a mountain.

That punch left the arena shaking, and even the strong stones holding it in place were cracking. The audience at the side started feeling the pressure as well.

“Jared!” Both Lizbeth and Josephine shouted, and they wanted to rush over to him.

“No one is allowed to make any move.”

Jared was quick to stop them from doing anything because they could not help, anyway.

Tristan and Franco, who were at the side of the arena, turned to the ladies.

They were both stunning, so it was only natural others would stare. However, one look was all it took to get both Tristan and Franco to glow.

The two men realized the jade pendant on Josephine was what they were after the entire time.

Neither hesitated. Both Tristan and Franco jumped to get to Josephine.

“Ah!” Josephine instinctively shouted fearfully.

Lizbeth quickly attacked to protect her, and Jesse did the same. The two of them were ready to stop Tristan and Franco from getting to Josephine.

Unfortunately, they weren’t nearly as powerful as Tristan or Franco. Strong martial energy pushed both Lizbeth and Jesse out of the way before they even got close.

Just then, Jared, who was still fighting, saw what was happening. His eyes immediately glowed with anger and cruelty as he jumped down from the arena.

‘Don’t even think about fleeing, punk.” Derek’s punch was already close by then.
‘F*ck offi”

Jared was in no mood to fight.


Derek flew right to the ground. It seemed Jared’s slap had landed and locked him in place in the arena.

Many were stunned to see that. They knew how powerful Derek was, and they couldn’t believe Jared had slapped him right back to the center of the arena. I guess he is so much more powerful than I imagined.

Lionel, in particular, was shaking fearfully. He was comparatively weak and puny, and he had the audacity to taunt Jared earlier. If Jesse hadn’t shown up, Lionel would likely have already died.

Jared hopped out of the arena quickly, but Tristan and Franco had already reached Josephine. They went after her jade pendant simultaneously.

A red light suddenly flashed out from the jade pendant and sent both men flying backward.
They backed away for over ten steps before they finally stopped.

“Wow, that really is an amazing item…”

The glow in their eyes intensified.

Jared had made his way to Josephine’s side by then. The jade pendant kept her safe, but the entire incident scared her and turned her pale.

“You’re okay now, Josephine,” cooed Jared as he held her tightly.


She was trembling, even as she rested in his arms.

Jared sensed that, and the cruelty in his eyes became more intense. He glared at Tristan and Franco.

“You will both die for going after the woman I love!”

His body exuded a terrifying, murderous aura as soon as he finished speaking. Everyone around him could tell he was out for blood, and they were all frightened to their cores. They couldn’t stop trembling.

Tristan and Franco frowned as well. They tapped into their internal energy to combat that terrifying aura. Despite that, they couldn’t stop themselves from shaking.

Franco’s men had dragged Derek off the stage by then. They saw how the guy was bleeding from every pore, and his eyes were wide open. Yep, he’s definitely dead.

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