The Man’s Decree – Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Hated It When Others Threaten Me

Tristan, Franco, and everyone else didn’t witness Derek’s death. However, the fact remained. Jared had slapped him to his death and had done so within such a short time frame. That proved just how powerful Jared truly was.

“We’ll join forces to kill that punk. We can discuss the matter regarding the jade pendant later.”

Franco realized Derek had died, so he negotiated a deal with Tristan.

He planned on killing Jared with Tristan’s help.

Who would’ve thought that Tristan would take a step back instead? He bowed to Jared and said, “I am so sorry for my previous actions. I didn’t mean to scare or hurt her.”

Tristan’s words instantly put Franco in an awkward position. It was obvious Tristan was just trying to con Jared into killing Franco for him. If the two of them had joined forces te kill Jared, they would have to fight each other again for the jade pendant. On the other hand, if Franco were to fight Jared alone and deplete Jared’s strength… Well, Tristan would benefit if he attacked afterward.

“You sly b*stard!” Franco cussed at Tristan before waving at his subordinates. “Weill fight the guy together and get the jade pendant.

“Eddy, keep an eye on that woman. Do not let her get away.”

His angry roar prompted the men to go after Jared together. They had ignored Tristan completely by then.

‘Lizbeth, stay with Josephine.”

The first thing Jared did was to have Lizbeth keep Josephine steady.

Eddy saw how Jared had let go of Josephine’s hand, and his eyes shone slyly. He moved to the side and went after her from a blind spot.

“You are so dead.”

Jared’s expression turned icy as he redirected his attention.

He had already reached the Foundation Phase, so he didn’t care about the Grandmasters at all.

Eddy didn’t want to fight. He tilted his body to the side and tried to escape.

Jared is on his own, whereas we are a group of Grandmasters working together. All I need is to wait until he is distracted. It’ll be much easier to snatch Josephine away then.

Eddy saw a flash when he was backing up.
Jared was gone.

Panic flashed past Eddy’s eyes immediately after. He backed away even faster, but his back knocked into something.

He was dumbstruck when he turned around and realized that the “thing” he knocked into was actually Jared. I can’t believe he’s already behind me.


Jared swung his arm over and aimed for Eddy’s head. Brain matter spewed everywhere soon after.

Jared didn’t just stop with Eddy, though. He showed no signs of slowing down and went after Franco and his subordinates right away.

Jared was like a gust of wind. The only difference was that as he swept past Franco and the others, agonized screams would fill the air.

Franco’s men were on the floor and moaning in pain when Jared finally stopped. The men looked as though they were in excruciating pain, and their face seemed to be distorting from their struggle. It didn’t matter, though.
They wouldn’t survive for much longer, anyway.

It was pin-drop silence after that. No one dared to say anything because those were powerful Grandmasters, and even they were dying.

“Run!” shouted Franco. He turned around to flee right after.

Jared was much stronger than he had anticipated.

Unfortunately, Jared’s figure blurred over as soon as Franco turned around. The former chased Franco and kicked the man’s back.
Then he placed his other leg on top of Franco’s head.

‘Jared, y-you can’t kill me. I am a member of the Coopers. My family will never forgive you if you kill me!”

Franco’s eyes were shining with fear, and he was threatening Jared to save his own life.

‘I hate it when others threaten me.” The latter exerted more force on his foot.

Franco was scared out of his mind. He quickly shouted to the crowd, “I am a member of the Coopers in Jadeborough. If anyone rescues me, my family will surely reward them handsomely.”

Everyone knew that being in league with the Coopers would bring about abundant fame and fortune. However, no one dared to step up because Jared was too strong.

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