The Man’s Decree – Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Forcing His Hands

Franco was even more scared when he saw how no one was budging. “Oy, Tristan. Save me! If you do, the Coopers will bow down to the Baileys.”

He was begging Tristan at the time because his head was already sinking into the ground.
Jared pushed any more, Franco’s head would surely break.


Tristan’s expression shifted a little, but he didn’t do or say anything.

“Well, looks like no one will save you. I’ll just send you off to hell then,” replied Jared nonchalantly.

“No, no!” shouted Franco. He suddenly thought of Lizbeth. “Lizbeth, Lizbeth! Save me. Please save me. We used to be a couple, and we loved each other. Please save me in honor of that love. I have loved you this entire time. I only canceled our engagement because my family forced my hand. That is why I am engaged to another woman now. Please, save


Lizbeth’s entire body trembled. Her eyes were filled with tears because she truly loved him all those years ago. At the time, she thought he was her one true love and assumed he was her knight in shining armor. She never thought he’d turn out to be the man who hurt her the most?

Jared got even angrier when he heard Franco talking about that. The former already felt bad for what happened to Lizbeth, and mentioning the incident only further infuriated him.

“You worthless jerk. Die!” growled Jared.

“Wait!” shouted Lizbeth all of a sudden.

Jared turned to her and stared strangely.

She walked over and took one look at Franco in exasperation. After that, she turned to Jared and requested, “Will you spare his life?”

“But, Lizbeth, isn’t he the jerk who hurt you?”

Jared didn’t understand why she was helping Franco at all.

‘Please spare his life. I loved him in the past, and this is my way of freeing myself. Now that I have saved his life, any debt and connection between us will be cleared.”

Lizbeth’s tears rolled down her cheeks. It was obvious she used to love Franco deeply.

Jared retracted his foot and sighed in annoyance. He turned to Franco and warned, ‘Leave. Never show up again because no one will be speaking up for you anymore.”

Franco sighed a long breath of relief before he stood up and ran away. He never turned back to even look at Lizbeth.

After Franco left, Jared shifted his gaze to Tristan. “Well, you guys were waiting for me to exhaust myself before you attack. Now that everything is done, you can make your move.”

Tristan’s heart skipped a beat when he sensed the hostility in Jared’s gaze. The former shook a little and forced a smile on. “It’s as I said earlier. Everything is just a misunderstanding. I have no qualms with you, so why would I attack?”

“Aren’t you after this jade pendant? Don’t you want to retrieve it? Also, don’t you want the recipe I have with me?”

Tristan frowned. He honestly didn’t know how Jared knew they were after the jade pendant.

Could it be… Is Jared the mysterious man who rescued Sonia?

That hypothesis cleared everything up for Tristan right away. Given Jared’s strength, he can definitely rescue Sonia from right under our noses.

“Well, the jade pendant is with you now, so by right, it belongs to you. Why would I steal it then? As for the recipe… well, I can only return disappointed since you refused to share it with me. I would never do something as barbaric as forcing your hands,” lied Tristan while forcing a smile.

Jared scoffed in distaste when he saw that stupid look on Tristan’s face. “You may be above that, but I am not. Listen to me closely.
The Herb Palace is to deliver every medicine in possession to Summerbank. If they don’t, I will annihilate them.”

After saying that, Jared ignored Tristan’s scowl and turned around to leave with Josephine.

Lizbeth, Jesse, and the others followed closely behind. Other members of the audience left as well. Everything that happened was simply too much for them.

‘Mr. Bailey? What do we do?” Spencer asked.

“Stall them for a few days. I have to discuss the matter with my family,” replied Tristan before he left with his subordinates too.

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