The Man’s Decree – Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Like A Movie

Jared brought Josephine and the others back to Summerbank. His expectation of spiritual energy had increased as he was entering the Foundation Phase. Nonetheless, he was thrilled that his abilities had drastically improved.

He could finish a few Grandmasters off today.
He would not have achieved it if he were still stuck in the Energy Refining Phase. It also took him some time and effort to battle against Zachariah.

Jared could have easily vanquished him had he continued with the attack.

“Mr. Chance, should we send someone to monitor Herb Palace’s operation? I believe they won’t give us the herb without putting up a fight!” Phoenix came over to meet Jared when she knew he had returned.

She was stunned when Tommy told her about the incident in Tayhaven Town. After all, everyone could tell that Jared’s power was.
growing rapidly by the day!

‘That won’t be necessary. If they refused to give it to us, I would have all the more reason to take over the entire Herb Palace!” Jared responded with a smug smirk.

If he wanted to advance to the next level, he needed a lot more spiritual medicine. The batch of medicine the Herb Palace had might have been of great help to him, but the quantity was somewhat limited. That was why he was fixated on claiming the ownership of Herb Palace so that he would have exclusive access to that spiritual medicine.

But this century-old herb had limited quantity and would one day be depleted completely.
The more powerful Jared became, the more dependent he would be on the medicine.
Hence, he would also need to source other substitutes too!

It’s time to make a trip to Mount Hickoria to look for the spiritual stones. I could cultivate my power there right away using those stones!

Jared contacted Dominic and told him about the trip to Mount Hickoria. Jared was relieved that Josephine had a jade pendant that could protect her. It must be a powerful magical item as it could even keep two Grandmasters away from her!

Night fell, and everyone was asleep. Tayhaven Town had also turned into a ghost town due to the upheaval at the Martial Arts Gathering.

Yet, four elderly men with white beards were seen wandering on the quiet street. Clad in black robes, they were able to stride across the street from one end to another in a short time even though they walked very slowly. These men were none other than the four elders from the Crescent Sect!

They then headed in the arena’s direction and started performing their respective duties as if they were carrying out a private investigation.
Besides monitoring the footprints, they also studied the man-shaped hole that Derek had caused when he smashed into the arena.

One of the elders took out a cloth and covered his hand to retrieve the silvery powder from the hole.

The moment he flung the powder into the air, moving human figures emerged in the sky. The image was so realistic that one might easily mistake it for a character in a 3D movie.

The moving images displayed the fight

between Jared and a few Grandmasters, but they disappeared seconds later. Once again, Tayhaven Town plunged into total darkness.

“What do you think of the boy?” The elder, who flung the powder into the sky, asked.

The head of the elders shook his head. “I can’t tell much from these images. To defeat the other Grandmasters of internal energy, he must have been a full-fledged Grandmaster of internal energy or have at least obtained similar power. Yet, I don’t feel the aura of a Grandmaster from him at all!”

‘Based on the man-shaped hole caused by Derek, the boy must have attained the power of a Grandmaster. Otherwise, Derek wouldn’t have suffered a miserable death.” Another elder, who was studying the arena, analyzed.

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