The Man’s Decree – Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Women In The Village

“Something caught up, and I have to put the trip on hold. But I want you to buy more stones.
from Mount Hickoria!” Jared said to Dominic.

“Sure. I’ll go to Mount Hickoria myself and check out the stones!”

After Dominic left, Jared told Josephine about Ingrid’s wedding. She knew a trip to the village might not be pleasant, but as someone who understood Jared, she agreed right away.

They then started their journey and drove back to Jared’s hometown.

His hometown is a village in Horington that used to be a small settlement, but its landscape had drastically changed due to the development in the last few years.

Jared saw many houses were slapped with a demolition notice to make way for development projects. That was why Benedict insisted on getting his hands on the family residence!

Children were running around in the village.
Jared did not know anyone of them since he had not returned for many years.

‘Hey, taking a break from work?” He rolled down the car’s window and greeted the seniors who were sitting by the curb.

Jared knew who they were. After all, he grew up in the village and stayed here until middle school. He only moved out when his father was transferred to work in the city.

The elderly folks walked over to take a closer look. One of the middle-aged women instantly recognized Jared. “Aren’t you Jared? I thought you were still in jail? Since when were you released? And now you’re driving a Mercedes- Benz?”

She studied Jared from head to toe.

Jared responded with a wry smile. “I came out of jail not long ago.”

“Oh. Did you come back to attend the wedding? Ingrid’s husband is super rich, and he’s the boss of a big company! Maybe he can help you find a job. All right, all right. ‘m not gonna disturb you anymore.” The woman waved her hand in the air.

Jared nodded and rolled up the window. He then looked at Josephine and said awkwardly, ‘That’s how blunt women in the village speak, but they don’t have any bad intentions. She used to boil eggs for me when I was a child!”

Josephine responded with a grin but kept mum. Perhaps, she was not used to the way villagers spoke.

Soon, Jared arrived at his family’s house. After parking his car in the courtyard, he took a glance at the residence that was made up of five individual buildings. My parents must have given the house a fresh coat of paint.

‘Dad! Mom!” he shouted from the courtyard.

Standing in front of the house and calling his parents brought back childhood memories.

As a child, Jared used to call out to his parents when he returned from school. He would then dump his bag in the corner of the courtyard and run out to play.

“You’re back!” Hannah came out of the room and greeted her son.

‘Hello, Mrs. Chance.” Josephine greeted her with a grin.

‘Josephine! Glad to see you. Come on in!” Hannah nearly jumped with joy.

She initially thought someone as rich as Josephine would not want to step into their lowly village. Even though Jared promised to talk to her about it, Hannah did not expect her to come. That was why Hannah was overjoyed when she saw Josephine standing in front of her.

“Where’s Dad?” Jared asked.

“He has gone to Sarah’s to help with the wedding!”

That was how life in the village was. Villagers would always do their part to support a wedding. Family members living in the same village would contribute even more to make the event a success.

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