The Man’s Decree – Chapter 543

Chapter 543 You Are Too Weak

With the poisonous snakes blocking their escape, everyone had no choice but to watch Fabian gradually expel his poison.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the lake, Jared was sitting still like an old monk, not moving a single muscle. Countless parasites were tearing at his body, desperate to inject their venom into him.

In a very short time, Jared’s body was filled with a large concentration of poison. However, he used his Focus Technique to convert them into spiritual energy to be stored in his elixir field.

As for the parasites attacking him, all of them began to die once Jared had drained them of their venom. With their bodies all dried out, they gradually floated to the surface.

In the blink of an eye, the parasites biting Jared grew lesser, while their dead corpses gradually covered the entire surface of the lake.

As the amount of spiritual energy within him increased exponentially, bubbles slowly emitted from his body, causing the surface of the water to boil.


Suddenly, a turbulent ripple emerged on the surface of the water the moment Jared opened his eyes. At that moment, he had achieved the peak of the Foundation Phase after absorbing the energy from all the venomous parasites.

If one were to touch the lake’s water, one would realize it was no longer freezing cold.
Instead, it would actually feel warm to the hand.

Meanwhile, Fabian, who was using his own parasite to cleanse himself of the poison within him, opened his eyes. Suddenly, he dropped his jaw and allowed the parasite to squirm out of his mouth and back into the clay jar.

“What an unbelievably weak technique. Did you expect to take my life with just a poison needle? This is nothing but a joke!”

Fabian shot Tristan and the others a vicious glare.

Now that Fabian had recovered, the group felt so disheartened that the hope in their eyes faded away.

“Aren’t you going to kneel and beg for your lives? Perhaps, I will let you go out of compassion,” Fabian asked as he swept his gaze across the group.

In spite of that, no one pleaded for mercy. After all, they were cognizant that Fabian wasn’t going to let them go. All he was doing was humiliating them.

When he didn’t get any response, Fabian was infuriated. He sneered with a cold glint in his eye, “Since no one wants to beg for their lives, I will let all of you experience what it feels like to be poisoned. In fact, my poison won’t kill you right away. It will instead torment you for forty- nine hours before your body festers into mush.”

Just as he spoke, Fabian took out a sachet that contained a powder-like substance which he prepared to hurl in their direction.

At that moment, everyone was stricken with terror. Megan was already in tears, while the others had fearful expressions on their faces.

Right when everyone assumed that they would be killed, a loud splash was suddenly heard from the lake.

The next moment, a water column ascended into the sky. On top of it, there was a figure sitting with his legs crossed.

‘Mr. Chance! It’s Mr. Chance!” Tristan recognized the person on it.

At that moment, Jared shot an icy glare at Fabian, sending a chill down his spine.

Turning around, Fabian was dumbstruck by the sight of Jared.

As for the others, they were ecstatic to see that Jared was alive.

‘Impossible! How can this be? There were so many poisonous creatures. Why did they fail to kill you?”

Fabian couldn’t believe his eyes. The poisonous creatures are capable of killing even a herd of elephants. How did Jared manage to survive?

“Now that you mentioned it, I would like to thank you for them,” Jared sneered as his body gently floated to the ground.

When Fabian looked in the direction of the lake, he was shocked to see that it had turned black, covered with the bodies of dead parasites.

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