The Man’s Decree – Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Is There Something Good

“Argh! I’m going te kill you! I spent so many years raising all of them!”

When he saw that all his beloved poisonous creatures had been killed, Fabian lost his mind and launched a devastating punch in Jared’s direction.

Letting out a snort, Jared disappeared from sight. Before Fabian could react, Jared appeared in front of him and smashed a punch right into his chest.

Caught off guard, Fabian was thrown into the ait by the impact. Jared leaped after him and unleashed another punch.

Every single punch that landed on Fabian would send him flying further from the ground.
It wasn’t until his body was more than twenty meters in the air that Jared finally stopped and descended to the ground.

As for Fabian, he fell back down at terminal velocity, cratering the ground when he crashed.
The impact was so great that the mask he was wearing cracked in half and fell off.

With the mask broken, all that was left was a horrible and disfigured face that looked just like a ghoul. He looked so terrifying that Megan screamed in fright.

After puking a mouthful of blood, Fabian wanted to get back up but failed to do so no matter how hard he tried. Looking at Jared with terror in his eyes, he couldn’t believe that Jared’s strength had increased so much that he was unable to counterattack at all.

‘Is this the best you can do?” Jared looked at Fabian with contempt.

‘Jared, y-you can’t kill me. Otherwise, my godfather will never let you go. If you release me, I will hand over the Crescent Sect and everything it owns to you,” Fabian offered while seething.

“You cannot be any more shameless. Crescent Sect never belonged to you, so it’s not yours to give in the first place. Besides, after killing you, wouldn’t it still belong to me anyway?” Jared sneered.

Stunned, Fabian’s horrible-looking face darkened further. “If you kill me, you will make enemies of the whole of Mapleton.”

“So what if I do? In fact, I’m looking forward to them seeking revenge on me. That way, I will have an excuse to get my hands on all the poisonous creatures in Mapleton.”

Just thinking about how the poisonous creatures were able to increase his cultivation filled Jared with anticipation. He couldn’t wait for the people of Mapleton to come for him.

“You—” Coughing out more blood due to his rage, Fabian was rendered speechless.

Subsequently, Jared stomped his foot on Fabian’s head, crushing it right away.

Meanwhile, Tristan and the rest were shocked at how brutally Jared killed Fabian.

“Are you guys all right?” Jared asked as he swept his gaze across them.

The group nodded. Although everyone was injured, none of the wounds were fatal.

‘That’s good. Come inside with me, and let’s see if there’s anything interesting.”

As Jared jumped onto one of the boats, everyone got to their feet and followed him.

When they saw the corpses of the poisonous creatures strewn all over the lake, everyone felt a chill down their spine.

Soon, the boat arrived at the opposing shore.
As for the rest of the Crescent Sect members, all of them were already on their knees, waiting for Jared’s instructions. After watching him kill Fabian with their own eyes, no one had the courage to challenge him. Furthermore, the only reason they were forced to obey Fabian was that the parasites were controlling them.

“Mr. Chance, we hope that you will forgive them, for they used to be Mr. Simmons’ men.
Fabian gave them no choice when he used the parasites to control them,” Liam pleaded on the men’s behalf.

Sweeping his gaze across the men of the Crescent Sect, Jared suddenly waved his hand and covered all of them with a red ray of light.

The very next moment, everyone grimaced in pain before grabbing their own throats with twisted expressions.

‘Mr. Chance—”

Liam thought that Jared was trying to kill them all.

Before he could finish, many of them began to retch. They then threw up the parasites within them, which slithered all over the place to escape.

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