The Man’s Decree – Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Reassuring Her

It was only then that Liam realized that Jared was helping the members of Crescent Sect remove the parasites within them.

“Thank you, Mr. Chance,” all of them thanked Jared in unison.

After nodding in acknowledgment, Jared entered the Crescent Sect’s main hall. When he saw the clay vessel on the table, he broke into a smile as he dipped his hand into it.

Inside, the parasites bit Jared’s hand savagely but died quickly after that.

“Does the Crescent Sect have any pills or herbs?” Jared asked Liam.

“Yes, we still have some recovery pills and a bunch of herbs. Nevertheless, Fabian has sent most of them back to Mapleton,” Liam explained.

“Organize everything. Make sure no one touches them as I’ll be looking to use them,” Jared instructed.

Liam nodded without question. Whatever Jared wanted, they would comply unconditionally.

By the time Jared led Tristan and Megan back to the Simmons residence, it was already dark.
As for Shane, he returned to Jadeborough grievously hurt. Shaken by the experiences from the trip, he strived to reflect upon his own character and change for the better.

The moment Megan reached home, she thundered at Dante, “Dad, what else are you hiding from me?”

When Dante heard Megan’s question, he knew that she had found out everything about the Crescent Sect. Letting out a sigh, he answered, “Megan, I’ll explain it to you later.
For now, there’s something I need to discuss with Mr. Chance.”

After Jared gave Tristan a look, he quickly led Megan away.

“Mr. Chance, have you killed Fabian?” Dante asked.

Jared plainly explained, “He’s dead. As for the four elders and the rest of the Crescent Sect’s men, I have removed the parasites from their bodies and given them back their free will. If you want to continue as the leader of the Crescent Sect, you can still order them—”

“Me?” Dante smiled wryly. “At most, I have only five days left to live. The last thing on my mind is being a sect leader. Instead, it’s my daughter I’m worried about. I understand that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the ladies.
But since you’re still not married, I wonder if she—”

Jared raised his hand to stop Dante. “I already have a girlfriend. Beside, I’m sure you’re well aware of who your daughter fancies.”

Dante sighed in resignation. “They will never be together in the end.”

Shaking his head, Dante continued, “Mr.
Chance, I want to hand the Crescent Sect over to Megan. Therefore, I hope you can stay a few more days to help her.”

“No problem. I’ll also get Tristan to stay. Other than helping her, both of them will have more time to bond,” Jared replied with a smile.

Dante returned the smile and didn’t say anything further.

The next day, Jared and Tristan accompanied Dante and Megan back to the Crescent Sect base.

Having returned to the place he founded after many years, Dante was filled with emotion.

Meanwhile, Jared used the pills and herbs from Crescent Sect to continue his cultivation. Now that he was at the peak of Foundation Phase, he was about to break into Transcendence Phase next.

As for Dante, he taught Megan what she needed to know, while Tristan helped to clean up by the side.

Five days later, Dante passed away. Megan pleaded sorrowfully with Jared to save him, as the latter was like an immortal to her.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t one. Even if he was, it was still impossible to change fate. Now that Dante’s time was up, there was little Jared could do.

After Dante was buried, Jared ordered Tristan

to stay back to help Megan and also to comfort her. After all, she had just lost her father. Once everything was settled, he took a flight back to Horington.

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