The Man’s Decree – Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Twenty Percent Discount

Tristan had booked a first-class ticket for Jared.
Hence, it was Jared’s first time in the first-class cabin.

After locating his seat and settling down comfortably, he closed his eyes to rest and waited for the plane to take flight.

At that moment, a young couple dressed fashionably entered the cabin. The lady had an oval-shaped face and was wearing a pair of sunglasses. After checking her ticket, she sat down beside Jared. As for the man, his seat was in front of Jared’s.

After the lady took her seat and glanced at Jared, she knitted her brows with scorn.

She looked to her companion. “Logan, I don’t want to sit beside this person. He looks like a country bumpkin and smells.”

Logan gave her a look. “Just bear with it for the moment. Once the plane takes off, I’ll switch seats with him.”

He didn’t want to cause any trouble, for those who could afford to be in the first-class cabin were not ordinary people.

Pouting, the lady looked upset. “Fine. However, you had better check if there are still tickets to Tessa’s concert. After all, I don’t want this trip to be a waste of time.”

“All right, all right. My dad has a friend in Horington that’s really powerful. I think his name is Tommy. I heard that whenever he stomps his foot, the entire Horington would tremble,” Logan boasted.

‘In that case, you should contact him right away and get us two tickets. I really like Tessa.
However, I don’t understand why she is holding a concert in such a small city like Horington.”

The girl appeared puzzled.

Logan nodded. “Fine. I’ll give him a call right now. You should sit down and wait first.”

Despite having his eyes closed, Jared was listening to their conversation. When he heard that Tessa was having a concert in Horington, he figured that it had something to do with him.

“Can it be because she knows I’m from Horington? That’s why she’s organizing a concert there?” Jared frowned slightly.

If that’s really the reason, she will definitely come to see me. When that happens, what am I going to tell Josephine?

It was bad enough with Lizbeth provoking him occasionally. With Tessa around, Jared felt as if he was going to break down.

“Kid, kid…”

Just when Jared’s imagination was running wild, a middle-aged woman patted Jared on his shoulder.

Jared opened his eyes at once and asked, “Madam, what is it?”

“Oh, I heard that first-class tickets this time around get a twenty percent discount. Did you get a discount too?” the middle-aged lady asked politely.

‘Madam, I’m sorry, but I’ve no idea. My friend bought me the ticket, and this is my first time in first-class,” Jared replied.

“Oh!” The lady didn’t say anything further and returned to her seat.

When Logan heard that it was Jared’s first time on the plane and that his ticket was bought by a friend, a haughty expression appeared on his face.

“Hey man, move to the front seat. I want to sit next to my girlfriend,” Logan ordered arrogantly.

After glancing at Logan, Jared ignored him and leaned back in his seat with his eyes closed.

In response, Logan was infuriated. “Hey man, did you hear what I said? I told you to vacate your seat. You had better not get on my nerves!”

Jared continued to ignore him and didn’t even bother to open his eyes.

“Damn it! Logan cursed. Just when he reached out to grab Jared’s collar, Jared’s eyes snapped open before he intercepted the man’s wrist.

Just like an iron claw, Jared was holding Logan’s wrist in a death grip. The massive force he applied caused Logan to break out in a cold sweat and yell in pain.

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