The Man’s Decree – Chapter 547

Chapter 547 Wait And See “Ouch! Let me go!” Logan wailed.

Anna scolded Jared, “Let go of him at once, you country bumpkin!”

Jared just turned around and stared at Anna.
She shut up immediately at Jared’s menacing stare.

He released his grip on Logan after that. If he had used more strength, the guy’s arm would have been broken.

Seeing that, Anna hurriedly got up and massaged Logan’s arm.

“How dare you, rascal! Let’s see what happens when we reach Horington.” Logan hurled a threat at Jared but did not dare to change seats with him again.

Concerned, Anna asked, “Are you okay, Logan?”

‘I’m fine. I just didn’t expect that country bumpkin to be so strong. He’ll realize that he shouldn’t have crossed me once we get off the plane later!” Logan scoffed.

Soon, the plane landed at Horington Airport after three hours of flying.

Since Jared didn’t bring any luggage on board, he got up and walked out of the plane as soon as it landed. The young couple followed him closely behind.

‘I’ve texted Tommy. I have to make sure this rascals leg is broken today!” Glaring at Jared’s back, Logan gritted his teeth and swore.

“What about the tickets?” Anna asked.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll get the seats in the first twenty rows,” Logan promised.

‘That’s wonderful, Logan! I love you!” Anna exclaimed as she planted a kiss on Logan’s cheek.

Jared saw Tommy waiting for him at the airport exit. He had texted Tommy that he would be arriving at Horington before the plane departed.

“Mr. Chance.”

Tommy hurried forward the moment he saw Jared.

Jared looked at Tommy and nodded slightly.
“Not bad. I see that you are getting better in a few days.”

Tommy smiled. “This is all thanks to you, Mr.

‘Let’s go.” Jared headed for the car.

When Jared saw the embarrassed look on Tommy’s face, he remembered something and asked, “Are you waiting for someone else?”

“Yes, Mr. Chance. I have an old friend whose son is coming to Horington to watch a concert.
He has asked me to take care of his son while he’s here,” Tommy replied.

Jared remembered the young couple on the airplane and recalled that the guy mentioned Tommy’s name. Nodding, he said, “Let’s wait for a while then.”

At the same time, the young couple exited the airport and looked as if they were chasing after someone.

“Logan, how did that man vanish before us?” Anna asked unhappily.

‘Don’t worry. He can’t go that far. As long as he’s in Horington, I’ll find him!”

After taking out his phone, Logan looked at a photo in his gallery and started searching for someone at the airport exit. The man in the photo was none other than Tommy.

Soon enough, Logan found Tommy and ran towards him with Anna following behind.

“Uncle Tommy, I’m Logan.” Logan introduced himself to Tommy hurriedly.

Although he did not see Jared, who was.
already sitting in the car, Anna spotted him immediately.

At the same time, half of Jared’s face was revealed as he lowered the car window.

‘Logan, it’s him! It’s the guy!” Pointing at Jared, Anna exclaimed to Logan.

Logan turned toward the direction that Anna was pointing and saw Jared. Glaring at him, he said, “Uncle Tommy, this was the guy who bullied me on the plane! Look at my arm, it’s still swollen!” Logan immediately flashed his arm to Tommy.

“Aren’t you some kind of big shot, rascal? Let’s see what happens next…” Anna smirked.

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