The Man’s Decree – Chapter 548

Chapter 548 I Am Not That Type Of Person

Ignoring them, Jared looked at Tommy and asked, “Are they the ones you are waiting for?”

With cold sweat on his forehead, Tommy slapped Logan in the face and scolded, “What do you think you are saying? How dare you talk to Mr. Chance so rudely?”

Logan couldn’t believe how Tommy had slapped him and just looked at Tommy as the latter apologized to Jared. “I don’t know what they did to you, Mr. Chance, but I’m no more than just a friend to his father. I’ll get someone to throw them into a river now…”

Logan and Anna were horrified by what Tommy said. Anna even started crying.

‘Forget about it. Just let them go.”

Jared waved his hand and wound up the car window.

“You’re in luck today. Get yourselves plane tickets and get out of here…” Tommy spat and left them immediately after he got in the car.

The young couple was left standing at the airport exit like idiots as they watched the car drive away.

Over at the mansion on Dragon Summit, the kitchen was all covered in smoke because Josephine was busy preparing dinner.

‘Didn’t I tell you not to trouble yourself with all the cooking? Now the whole mansion smells really awful! Not to mention that you’ve only been away for a few days,” Lizbeth pinched her nose as she said.

“No, I must learn how to cook and be a good housewife. I cannot lose Jared to some other women because of that!”

Ignoring Lizbeth’s advice, Josephine continued cooking.

For some reason, Lizbeth’s face flushed after she heard what Josephine said. “I’m not going to steal Jared from you…”

‘I wasn’t referring to you, but if you really like him too; we can always share him! When that happens, we can bully him all we want…” Josephine said jokingly.

However, Lizbeth’s heart was thumping. She couldn’t figure out why she always felt that way every time Josephine joked about her stealing Jared.

“What are you thinking, Lizbeth?” Lizbeth said to herself in her mind and instantly felt calmer.
Then, she sat down on the couch and continued watching the television.

Soon enough, Josephine finished preparing a table full of dishes. It might not be as delicious and appetizing, but at least she tried her best.

Tommy arrived at the mansion with Jared the moment Josephine was done cooking.

The minute Jared entered the house, he instantly knew what was going on when he saw how smoky the kitchen was.

‘Jared! You’re back! Look at what I’ve prepared for you…” Josephine announced proudly to Jared.

‘Hmm… Smells good! I’m hungry!” Jared took a deep breath and said with a satisfied smile on his face.

‘Really? If you’re hungry let’s sit down and eat now!” After Josephine invited Jared to sit at the dining table, she turned to Lizbeth and Tommy and said, “Hey, come on and join us for dinner!”

“No thanks!” Tommy quickly waved his hand and rejected Josephine’s offer. “Phoenix has already prepared dinner for me.”

“Wow, Tommy! I didn’t know that you and Phoenix are living together!” Jared smiled mischievously.

Tommy’s face reddened as he replied, “We’re not young anymore and I think our relationship has reached that stage.”

‘The two of you should also start living together since you’ve confirmed your relationship. Just stop being pretentious!” Lizbeth said to Jared and Josephine.

“No way! I will only live with him after our wedding.” Josephine hurriedly shook her head.

“As you wish, but you don’t know if you will regret waiting until the wedding night. Some other women might just throw themselves at him…” Lizbeth smirked.

Not knowing how to react, Josephine glanced at Jared. After giving Lizbeth a glare, Jared smiled reassuringly at Josephine and said, “Relax, I’m not that kind of person!”

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