The Man’s Decree – Chapter 550

Chapter 550 Hiding A Woman

Before Jared could reply, Josephine, who was at the dining table, asked, “Jared, who is it?”

“Oh! It’s just the deliveryman!” Jared hurriedly replied.

“You’re hiding a woman inside? Who is it?” Tessa asked curiously as her interest was piqued.

‘That’s my girlfriend. It’s not what you think,” Jared explained.

‘I want to see how pretty your girlfriend is to deserve such a capable boyfriend like you. I’m so envious!” Tessa barged into the house as she was saying that.

Jared wanted to stop her but he couldn’t possibly carry her out.

Tessa barged into the house and saw Josephine and Lizbeth eating dinner. They were shocked at Tessa’s sudden appearance.

Tessa was surprised to see that the two ladies in the house were very beautiful. She couldn’t tell which was Jared’s girlfriend.

Lizbeth was briefly stunned before she exclaimed, “You’re Tessa Snyder?”

Josephine was exhilarated when she realized that the woman before her was Tessa Snyder.

“Hello!” Tessa greeted smilingly.

‘Hello! Please have a seat.” Lizbeth invited Tessa in and poured her a cup of tea.

Jared came over and introduced Josephine to Tessa, “This is my girlfriend, Josephine.”

Tessa scrutinized Josephine and smiled, “Hello Josephine, you’re so pretty! No wonder Jared is head over heel for you…”

Tessa held her hand out in an attempt to shake Josephine’s hand.

Josephine was confused. “Ms. Snyder, do you know my boyfriend?”

She never heard from Jared that he knew a superstar like Tessa.

“Yes, Mr. Chance even stayed over at my house once,” Tessa replied.

“Really?” Shocked, Josephine glanced at Jared.

Lizbeth looked at Jared unbelievably.

‘It’s not what you think it is! Nothing else happened during the time I stayed over at her house,” Jared hurriedly explained.

Sensing that he was only making things worse, he looked to Tessa for help.

Tessa laughed. “Don’t worry, Ms. Sullivan. Mr.
Chance was only staying over because he needed to negotiate with my family over a mining business.”

‘Im here to deliver the stones to Mr. Chance since we’re business partners now.”

Josephine realized that Tessa was referring to the time when Jared followed Dominic to Mount Hickoria.

‘Allis good, Ms. Snyder. Please come in and have a seat!” Josephine invited Tessa in welcomingly.

“You ladies have a talk, I’ll arrange for the stones to be unloaded.”

Jared quickly found an excuse to go away because he didn’t know what else to say.

He ordered his men to shift the spiritual stones to the yard. The spiritual stones might mean a lot to him, but they were just useless stones in the eyes of other martial artists and most people.

After all the spiritual stones were unloaded, Jared went back to the living room and saw Josephine, Lizbeth, and Tessa laughing

together. Why could girls act like they knew each other from a long time ago so easily?

‘I’ve unloaded the spiritual stones. If there’s.
nothing else, you may take your leave. By the way, aren’t you having a concert in a few days? Do you have a few tickets left to give me?” Jared asked Tessa.

“Of course!” Tessa stood up and replied, ‘I’ll give you tickets to the first row so that you can see me clearly.”

As Tessa spoke, she winked at Jared, causing him to look away hurriedly.

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