The Man’s Decree – Chapter 551

Chapter 551 Take Control

After a while, Tessa left the mansion. The moment she stepped outside, Josephine and Lizbeth stared at Jared strangely.

Nervous, Jared asked, “What are the both of you looking at?”

‘Is she in love with you? Why else would a superstar come personally to deliver something? I bet she’s having a concert ina small town like Horington because of you.
She’s both pretty and very talented. Aren’t you attracted to her?” Josephine questioned Jared with a menacing glare.

‘I don’t know if she likes me or not but I don’t like her at all. I’ve already told you that I’ma loyal person but it’s your choice if you don’t want to believe me. I’m going to cultivate in the next few days and I don’t wish to be interrupted.”

Jared pretended to be angry and went back to his bedroom.

Josephine was startled because Jared was suddenly the one taking control of the situation. Oh no, what have I done?

“Am I too much, Lizbeth?”

Uncertain whether she crossed the line, Josephine whispered to Lizbeth.

Lizbeth was unsure too. “I don’t know, but I think he’s really angry. Trust is important in a relationship. If you show that you don’t trust him, it’s only natural that he feels upset…”

“What shall I do then?” Josephine asked as.
she panicked.

‘Just wait and see. I think he’ll probably forget about itin a few days.”

Inexperienced, Lizbeth could only suggest for Josephine to wait.

Jared heaved a sigh of relief once he went back to his room. If he didn’t use that method, Josephine would have interrogated him even longer.

After sitting down, Jared started to use the Focus Technique. Since he had five days until Tessa’s concert, he hoped he could achieve the Transcendence Phase by then.

If he really achieved the Transcendence Phase, he would be invincible and powerful.
He could even defeat Fabian without much effort!

As Jared was cultivating, something was happening on an island thousands of miles away from him. It was none other than Nameless Island, which got its name because it was just a coral reef that showed after the sea level lowered. Since there were only stones and no animals or plants lived on the island, there was no human presence too.

However, a man in a straw hat was holding a fishing rod and fishing by the beach on the island that day.

Not far away, a girl was training hard. If Jared could see the girl’s face, he would have recognized her as Abbot Erasmus’s daughter, Renee.

After Abbot Erasmus was killed by Dorieus, Jared took revenge for him and handed the Starry Compass to Renee before she left with Leonidas.

After a few months, Renee appeared on the deserted island but the fishing old man did not look like Leonidas.

“Renee, go to the sea and catch some fish for dinner. I’m hungry,” the fishing old man said.

“Yes, mentor.”

Renee jumped into the sea after nodding to the old man.

Right after she jumped into the sea, a small boat sped over. There was no driver except for a middle-aged man standing on the boat, but the boat’s speed was unexpectedly fast.

The man leaped off the boat once it stopped by the shore and he landed right beside the elderly.

“The news is out, Mr. Draco,” the man said to the elderly respectfully.

“Alright.” The elderly nodded and took off his hat, revealing a wrinkled face underneath.
Jared would be surprised if he were there to see that the elderly was none other than Draco—the man who taught him when he was.
in prison!

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