The Man’s Decree – Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Depends On Fate “What day is it now?” Draco asked.
It’s June 8,” the man replied.

“That means we have a month left. I hope Jared will reach Level Five of the Foundation Phase soon!” Draco said with a load of hope in his eyes.

‘Tm afraid it will be hard for Mr. Jared to achieve Level Five even if he’s a talented young man! He has only started training not long ago and it has only been a few months.” The middle-aged man shook his head.

‘I know it’s hard but we have no choice. He is our only hope left. Otherwise, we won’t be able to save JEA/IMA…”

Draco looked helpless as he looked at the peaceful sea. “This is all I can do now. The rest depends on fate!”


Draco had just finished speaking when Renee swam out of the water with two fishes in each hand.

‘Mentor, we have groupers for dinner today!” Renee announced to him happily.

When she got to the shore and saw the man, she didn’t look surprised at all. Politely, she greeted, “You’re here, Mr. Deragon!”

He man smiled and nodded his head in return.

Soon, Renee left to cook. As the man watched Renee, he sighed, “Huh, what a good child she is! Not to mention that she has a frosty constituent. She will surely be something in the future…”

Draco sighed too. “I have no choice but to sacrifice her if there are really no other options left. I can’t let Jared die or Ms. Beatrice won’t survive either. If that happens, the Deragons.
will be reduced to nothing…”

‘I still hope that you will talk to Renee. I believe she will understand since Mr. Jared was her savior…” the man said gravely.

Since he had developed feelings for Renee after all the time they spent together, he didn’t want Renee to die unaware of what was happening.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll let her know!” Draco nodded.
“What were the reactions of the Deragons when you let out the news?”

“They were astonished and thought that Ms.
Beatrice’s child died. Now that they know he’s alive, they started searching for him,” he replied.

‘That’s great. I believe the Deragons won’t need much time to find Mr. Jared.” Draco smiled.

“Why are you so anxious for the Deragons to know about Mr. Jared’s existence, Mr. Draco? Won’t it be better if we wait for a few more years until he becomes more powerful?” Perplexed, he asked.

‘I’m afraid Ms. Beatrice can’t hold on for long.
She has been locked up and tortured for more than twenty years. If we don’t give her some hope she won’t be able to make it…”

Draco’s eyes were wet with tears.

The man looked sad as well. “Mr. Draco, what was the secret that Old Mr. Deragon told Ms.
Beatrice before he passed away? What made the Deragons so desperate to know about it that they locked up Ms. Beatrice for so many years?”

‘I don’t know either. All I know is that the secret must be very important. Otherwise, she won’t be alive till now…”

Draco shook his head.

The two of them stopped talking after that.
Soon, Reneée’s voice was heard. “Mentor, Mr.
Deragon, dinner’s ready. Please come and eat.”

After looking at each other with a knowing smile, the two men walked toward Renee.
Soon, laughter and aroma came from a hut made of stone.

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