The Man’s Decree – Chapter 553

Chapter 553 Breakthrough At the mansion at Dragon Summit, Horington.

Jared had locked himself in the room for four days and had been absorbing the spiritual energy from the spiritual stones. There weren’t many stones left in the yard now.

The spiritual energy in Jared’s body was.
almost enough to break through the elixir field.

Jared’s forehead was sweaty from every breakthrough he made. Not only would his elixir field be reformed but also his body.

Jared felt weak and awful as if his bones were crushed. However, he dared not stop to rest because he clearly knew this was the time for him to achieve the breakthrough!

Once he succeeded in doing that, he would be more powerful. However, if he were to give up now, he might not achieve it in a very long time.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from Jared’s body as the elixir field was broken by the spiritual energy. However, the broken elixir field reformed very fast as the spiritual energy was absorbed back into it.

Interestingly, it was all peaceful after the spiritual energy was absorbed back into the elixir field.

‘I’ve done it!” Jared opened his eyes wide with excitement.

If the elixir field at the Foundation Phase were a bucket, Jared’s energy was the same as a water tub. A bucket of water was simply not enough to fill a water tub!

Jared looked out of the window and realized he could see hundreds of miles away clearly and hear what was happening from a distance.

His energy underwent major changes as well.
The Transcendence Phase signified the start of spiritual energy cultivation.

When Jared walked out of the room, he didn’t see Josephine and Lizbeth. He guessed they must be out shopping because they were bored.

Then, he went to shower and change into clean clothes.

Jared was preparing to sleep but was awaken by Theodore’s call to ask him out.

Theodore brought Shane to a teahouse at Horington. Shane was indeed a Senior Grandmaster because he had completely recovered from his injury in a just few days.

When Jared arrived, Shane went to get a chair for him out of courtesy.

If not for Jared, Shane would have died at Crescent Sect.

‘This is the tea I brought from Jadeborough.
Please try it,” Shane said to Jared.

Jared lifted the cup and took a sip. “Why did you ask to meet me?”

“Nothing much. I just want to thank you for saving Captain Walsh. Meanwhile, the Coopers won’t be creating trouble for you in this period of time since the head of the household is still absent,” Theodore said.

‘That’s all?” Jared smiled. “Even if the Coopers were to create trouble for me, I have nothing to be afraid of.”

Since Jared had reached the Transcendence Phase, he could easily defeat a Senior Grandmaster.

“Mr. Chance, I hope you don’t look down on your enemy. The Coopers are quite powerful and they have The Fearsome Four in their household. In fact, they are just like killing machines. Xander Cooper may have already reached his peak in the Senior Grandmaster level or even upgraded to Martial Arts Grandmaster. Honestly, that can be dangerously powerful…” Theodore advised.

“Okay. If that’s all you have to tell me, you can leave now. I don’t care about the Coopers at all.”

Jared got up and prepared to leave.

“Mr. Chance, may I ask you which level are you at now?”

Theodore was curious about Jared’s ability ever since he heard Shane describe how Jared killed Fabian Quillen, the leader of the Crescent Sect. He couldn’t comprehend how powerful was Jared.

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