The Man’s Decree – Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Seminar

Jared hesitated before shaking his head. “I don’t know how to compare my skills to yours because I’m not a martial artist.”

‘Are you a mage?” Theadore asked.
Jared shook his head again.

Theodore opened his eyes and mouth wide in shock as he gaped at Jared. It was big enough to squeeze a whole egg through.

“Captain Walsh, guard the entrance right now! Do not let anyone come close without my permission!” All of a sudden, Theodore ordered Shane.

As Shane exited the room and stood by the door, Theodore asked Jared, “Are you a cultivator then?”

“Do you know about cultivators too?” Jared was surprised that Theodore knew that information. He understood that the Baileys knew about cultivators because they met one, but how did Theodore know though?

Theodore understood the situation immediately after Jared asked the question. Nodding, he replied, “I know that there are quite a number of families with energy cultivators in Chanaea.
It’s just that not a lot of people know about that because they hide their powers from the public.
However, as the General of the Department of Justice, I have the responsibility to know about it!”

“Are there many other energy cultivators around?” Jared was excited to hear what Theodore told him.

He always wanted to find energy cultivators other than Draco because he was lonely and still had a lot to learn about the heavenly realm.
He wanted to ask for guidance from someone else.

Theodore nodded and replied, “There are some confidential information that I can’t tell you, Mr. Chance; but, since you are an energy cultivator, I can stop worrying for you. It’s not surprising that you don’t care about the Coopers.”

“Do you have something else to ask me?” Jared asked after observing Theodore’s expression.

“To be honest, I have a favor to ask from you, Mr. Chance. I’ve heard that there will be an international seminar soon. My informant tells me that Seneris and Allosburgh have secretly arranged for trained warriors to attend the seminar. Since my captains are busy with something else and Captain Walsh is still recovering from his injury, I would like to ask you to represent us at the seminar,” Theodore asked, sounding rather embarrassed.

Jared frowned slightly and hesitated. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the ability, it was just that he had slightly more than a month left till July 15.
He hoped to finish cultivating by then.

“Mr. Chance, just let it be if it is a trouble for you.”

After knowing that Jared was an energy cultivator, Theodore was even more respectful to him.

“When is the seminar?” Jared asked.
‘It’s in two months,” Theodore hurriedly replied.

“Oh, two months? If you have said it earlier, I would have agreed right away.”

‘Is it because you have something else to deal with?” Theodore asked. “Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with!”

Jared waved his hands dismissively and said, ‘It’s fine. It’s just some personal stuff that I have to settle.”

After a few more conversations, Theodore and Shane left. Right before he opened the door, Theodore suddenly turned around and said, “Mr. Chance, there’s an antiques exhibition and auction happening in five days. I think you might be able to find something useful there!”

Surprised, Jared asked, “An antiques exhibition and auction? Is it officially organized?”

“Of course not. It’s organized by a merchant who happens to be a collector at the same time. He’s holding the auction to attract other collectors to exhibit their precious antiques too.
If anything catches his eye, he will buy the item at all costs. The Department of Justice is in charge of the security of the event,” Theodore explained.

“Alright. Thanks for telling me, General!”

Jared needed a lot of spiritual energy at the moment and these antiques contained them. It was just like the Dragon Throne from Walter.
Any negative energy in the antiques could help Jared cultivate.

After sending Theodore off, Jared went back to his mansion. Guessing that Josephine went back to the Sullivan residence because she wasn’t back home yet, he slept right away.

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