The Man’s Decree – Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Good Luck Waiting

Tessa sent her men to deliver front-row seat tickets to Jared first thing the following morning.

Jared opened a bleary eye to glance at the concert ticket before rolling over and falling asleep again upon learning that the concert was not due for another couple of hours.

Meanwhile, Ingrid and two other girls stood anxiously at the entrance of Horington Stadium.

“Are you sure your cousin can get us those tickets?” one of her classmates asked. “I know for a fact that the tickets had been sold out the moment they were sold. Many of those going actually bought them at a much higher price from scalpers!”

“He’s well-connected,” Ingrid answered confidently. “If he says he can get them, then he’ll get them.”

Ingrid’s faith and admiration for Jared had only rose since he had managed to take care of Dog.

“Give him a call, then!” said the other girl impatiently.

“Have him send over the tickets at once. The concert’s about to start and the stadium looks like it might fill out soon!”

‘I have done that but his phone has been turned off!” Ingrid cried in despair.

At that moment, three boys in their late teens strode over to the girls. One of them wore a stylish piercing on his right earlobe.

Ingrid was frightened and flustered at the sight of the three approaching boys.

‘Don’t you girls have tickets?” the boy with the piercing asked.

Ingrid merely stared back at him without saying a word.

‘Ingrid says that her cousin has managed to secure the tickets for us,” one of the girls replied.

“Haha!” the boy exclaimed as he brandished a thick stack of tickets at the girls. “Good luck getting your hands on these! I only got these tickets because my father is a sponsor.”

Ingrid’s companions perked up. Even Ingrid could not contain the envy in her eyes.

“Can we get a closer look, Paul?” simpered one of the girls.

“Of course!” he said generously as he handed them to the girls, who examined the tickets with reverence.

‘If Ingrid would agree to be my girlfriend and give me a kiss,” Paul suggested with a wicked grin, “you can have these tickets.”

“Are you serious?” exclaimed one of the girls.
‘Paul’s family owns a large business, Ingrid.
He’s loaded. Why don’t you just say yes, eh?”

‘That’s right,” prompted the other. “Just give him a kiss and we can all head in. These tickets are pretty good as it’s still within the first ten rows from the stage. We’ll be able to still see Tessa without using binoculars.”

Ingrid did not have many friends as she had just transferred over to this school aside from those two with her. Therefore, she was rather disappointed in them for persuading her to sell herself short in exchange for something so trivial.

She frowned at them. “How could you ask this of me? I don’t even like him.”

‘It’s just a kiss, Ingrid. You’re not ingesting poison. It’s not the fifties anymore. Don’t be such a prude!”

“You should be honored to have caught his fancy, despite your background as a country bumpkin. I would be leaping at the opportunity if I were you!”

These so-called friends are really desperate for tickets!

‘I don’t want the tickets,” Ingrid said flatly as she strode several steps away from them in disapproval. “If you want them so badly, you can give him a kiss. I would rather wait for my cousin. Atleast his come with no strings attached.”

“Your cousin’s bluffing! If he had the tickets, he would have been here already. He turned his phone off because he doesn’t want to be reached, dumbass!”

“He came from the village as well, didn’t he? I doubt very much that he has the contacts for securing any ticket.”

The girls let loose a barrage of disparaging remarks toward Ingrid in their disappointment.

With her head bowed, Ingrid did not attempt to defend herself any further. She felt particularly hurt because those two were her closest friends in school. I can’t believe they would say such hurtful things to me just for a couple of tickets. I thought our friendship meant something!

“Well, offer’s off the table. Good luck with the wait!”

With a cruel smirk upon his lips, Paul snatched the tickets back from the girl’s grasp.

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