The Man’s Decree – Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Worry For Nothing

“You can forget about leaving,” Paul shouted, taking advantage of the size of the crowd that had gathered around to garner sympathy. “I’m going to call the cops and have you arrested for assaulting me and breaking my friend’s wrist. My father will hear of this and you’re going to have hell to pay!”

It’s a good thing I shouted loud enough to attract such a large crowd. Hopefully, they wouldn’t dare lay a finger on me with that many witnesses present. For God’s sake, she broke his wrist so easily! It’s like she’s done it many times before.

Paul pulled out his phone and dialed his father’s number.

Jared glanced at the sizable crowd, his forehead slightly creased. Ingrid was pale with fright and she held on to Jared’s arm tightly.

‘Don’t be afraid, Ingrid,” Josephine said in a low voice. “Nobody in Horington dares to lift a finger on me.”

Just when Paul pressed his phone to his ear, his father arrived at top speed. Flanked on either side by his men, they squeezed their way through the crowd. Jean’s temper flared at the sight of his son.

“You little sh*t!” he shouted. “I gave you the tickets for you to enjay the show, not to cause trouble!”

Jean strode forward and was about to slap Paul when the latter held out his hand.

“We didn’t start it, Dad!” Paul explained hastily, frightened out of his wits. “I was slapped in the face first. Here! You can still see her handprint.
After that, they broke my friend’s wrist.”

Jean leaned in a closer look and sure enough, he found a red handprint across his son’s cheek. Next, he turned to look at Paul’s friend whose face was still contorted in pain as he cradled his forearm. Jean retracted his hand.

“Who was the one to have struck you?” Jean demanded, swelling up with rage. “Did you not make clear to them who your father is?”

Though the Yateses did not count amongst the elite in Horington, their name still commanded certain respect within the city.

Paul pointed at Josephine. “It was her! She was the one who slapped me!”

Jean glanced in the direction his son’s finger indicated before stiffening up in shock and falling onto the ground when he recognized Josephine, Lizbeth, and Jared.

“Are you all right, Dad?” Paul hurried forward to pull his father back to his feet.

Jean turned and gave his son a ferocious slap across the face before scurrying over to Josephine.

‘Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Grange, Mr. Chance,” he stammered before falling to his knees before the dumbfounded crowd. “I apologize for the actions of my son. I hereby humbly hand him over to you to punish him as you see fit…”

Paul and his friends were all shocked!

‘Paul, who the hell are these people?” his friends whispered, in equal measures of fear and awe.

Paul shook his head jerkily. I wouldn’t have caused trouble with them if I had known what kind of people they were!

“You’re in huge trouble, boy!” A gleeful voice came from the crowd. “The lady who’d slapped you was Ms. Sullivan. With her are Mr.
Grange’s granddaughter, and the famous Mr.
Chance from Horington. Even Tommy is a follower of Mr. Chance. You kids are real idiots for picking the worst possible people to fight with.”

Paul opened his mouth but nothing came out.
A few seconds later, the front of his pants became soaked with hot urine as the crowd roared with laughter.

All of them are people not to be trifled with! One wrong word might spell the end of the Yateses. Oh no, I seem to recall saying a lot of them earlier!

‘Please make way!”

The crowd was parted in the middle by several dozen security personnel shoving them aside to make way for Tessa who appeared clad in sunglasses and a gown.

She hastened toward Jared followed by a large group of sponsors.

“Tessa!” ‘Tessa! Over here!”

The fans began clamoring excitedly to gain her attention.

Ingrid, too, was shaking with excitement at seeing Tessa in the flesh.

After nodding politely to Josephine and Lizbeth, Tessa addressed Jared urgently. “Are you all right, Mr. Chance?”

‘I’m fine. Do you really think I would have gotten into trouble?” Jared asked with a smile.

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