The Man’s Decree – Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Starstruck

Tessa returned the smile, her worries melting away immediately. Being well aware of Jared’s abilities, she knew better than to worry about him being bullied by a teenager.

“Mr. Chance!”

The sponsors standing behind Tessa started forward to greet Jared. Every socialite in Horington worth their salt knew who Jared was.

Jared merely nodded his head in response.

‘Let’s go inside,” Tessa suggested, not up for having a conversation over the screaming of her fans.

‘It’s rather chaotic here.”

Jared nodded before turning around to address Ingrid. “It’s fine now. Let us go in!”

“And who is this?” Tessa asked as she turned to face Ingrid.

‘This is my cousin, Ingrid,” introduced Jared.

“Your cousin, huh?” Tessa mused while she beamed at Ingrid. “Come, the concert is about to start!”

Without giving her the opportunity to voice her assent, Tessa pulled Ingrid by the arm toward the entrance.

As it turned out, Ingrid was unable to speak as she was starstruck at being so close to her idol. Her jaw hung open in shock as she allowed herself to be dragged along.

At the touch of Tessa’s skin on hers, Ingrid’s pulse rose to such a degree that she felt her heart about to pop out of her chest.

Bulging with envy, every eye in the crowd followed her with admiration.

None were more envious than the two girls who came with Ingrid. The girls were beginning to feel remorseful for how they had treated her earlier.

“Ingrid!” they shouted to get her attention, with the hopes that she would be able to secure their entry as well.

Ingrid merely turned to glance at them before gazing determinedly forward again. I have given them so many opportunities earlier but they chose not to believe me.

Tessa seemed to sense what Ingrid was.
thinking. “See those two girls over there?” Tessa said in a low voice to one of her aides.
‘Don’t let them in. Their conduct is despicable.”

Soon, Tessa and Ingrid disappeared into the stadium with Jared following behind. Along the way, Josephine’s eyes flicked occasionally toward Jared as she entertained the new suspicion that had formed in her mind regarding him and Tessa.

Jared stared pointedly away and pretended not to notice how he was being watched closely.
He hastened his stride toward the stadium.

“Mr. Chance! Mr. Chance!” Jean cried in despair.

However, Jared just ignored him completely.
Jean remained where he was on the floor until Jared’s silhouette disappeared into the stadium.

“Dad,” whimpered Paul.


In his rage, Jean landed another ferocious slap on his son’s cheek.

“You little piece of sh*t!” Jean howled. “The Yateses are going to collapse before you can take over! You’re in for the beating of your life once we reach home.”

Jared and his party were led by the ushers to the first row. They were the most exclusive seats in the stadium which money could not buy. When the concert began, Jared closed his eyes to avoid having to look at Tessa who was performing enthusiastically on stage as he realized that Tessa had been glancing suggestively at him more often than necessary.

Jared was well aware that Josephine was sitting next to him, so he did not trust himself if his imagination were to run wild. As a result, he opted to close his eyes altogether.

‘Tessa is amazing!” gasped Ingrid between screams and cheers. “She’s so pretty!”

Josephine cleared her throat. “Let me ask you something, Ingrid.”

“What is it, Josephine?” Ingrid turned to look at her.

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