The Man’s Decree – Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Who Do You Prefer “Who do you prefer, me or Tessa?” Ingrid was slightly surprised at the question.

Jared, who had his eyes closed the entire time, almost chortled out loud. That’s an interesting tactic to gauge how things are going on between me and Tessa! I’d better tread lightly around her.

‘like you better, of course,” Ingrid said tactfully as she wrapped her arm around Josephine’s.
“We’re like sisters.”

Josephine was pleased to hear that. Fully aware that he could hear them, she watched his reaction as she returned Ingrid’s radiant smile.

Several encores later, the concert ended.
Tessa had extended an invitation to Jared and his party for supper but was met with decisive rejection as he was aware that he had to keep a distance from her or suffer Josephine’s wrath. It would not end well for me if this gets out of hand.

In the end, Jared gave in to Ingrid’s pleas and allowed her to go in his place with Tessa. As Tessa had chosen to hold a concert in Horington for him, Jared felt that sending Ingrid to keep Tessa company on his behalf was fair enough.

Tessa left Jared a message when she left Horington. Though he did not send her off, he got her meaning loud and clear. Jared was conflicted as he knew that Tessa knew he had a girlfriend; yet, she was still openly conveying her interest in him. She’s really trying to get me into trouble!

Over the next few days, Jared accompanied Josephine shopping whenever he had a moment to spare. After that, he would spend his afternoons playing chess with William.
Without herbs and spiritual stones and being solely reliant on the wispy thin spiritual energy, It would be a waste of time for Jared to cultivate.

Three days later, Walter approached Jared with an interesting proposition.

“Mr. Chance,” he said, rather excited. “There will be an auction in Jadeborough tomorrow.
Would you be interested? You never know for there might be something you need!”

‘I’d obtained Dragon Throne in a similar auction, you know,” he continued proudly. “You never know what kind of treasures you may come across. I’d heard that there will be a batch of talismans flown in by a sponsor for this auction. It’s the trend now for the rich to obtain a talisman and send it to a geomancer to modify the geomantic elements to repel danger while positively enhancing their auras.
With the influx in the supply of talismans, this auction is going to be very interesting and intense. I might as well sell the stuff taking up space in my house for cash. At the same time, I may be able to snag something valuable.”

Walter was fond of antiques. His eyes sparkled as he launched into an excited babble regarding his favorite subject.

‘I am already aware of it,” Jared said carelessly. “Theodore told me about it.”

“Theodore Jackson?” Walter repeated with a gasp. “Do you mean General Theodore Jackson of the Department of Justice of Jadeborough?”

Jared nodded. “Yes, the very same man.”

Walter stared incredulously at Jared. I can’t believe Jared has connections with Theodore and the Department of Justice!

Even during the peak of his career, Walter’s rank had always been far below Theodore’s.
General Jackson of the Department of Justice was a deified figure within the ranks all over the country. Jared’s acquaintance with him was the last thing Walter expected.

“Mr. Chance, shall I send over a car to pick you up if you are interested in going to the auction with me?”

“Sounds good. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jared nodded in agreement as he had never been to Jadeborough and wished to check out the place. Hence, he accepted Walter’s invitation readily.

Josephine and Lizbeth descended the stairs the moment Walter departed.

‘Jared, where are you and Mr. Grange planning on going?” Josephine asked.

Jared stared at the women in surprise as he was under the impression that he was the only one home.

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