The Man’s Decree – Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Ungrateful

Every single pedestrian looked like they were in a hurry as they rushed to complete whatever tasks they were assigned.

On the other hand, the patrons of the auction house were living in a completely different world which was a stark contrast to the bustling metropolis. Jausden Auction House was located in Jadeborough’s most exclusive business district. It was a building over ten stories tall on a lot spanning over several dozen hectares. At that moment, it was.
swarming with rich men as they strode amongst the exhibits while appreciating them.

Every item on display had a price tag that made it inaccessible to those from average working-class. Even the rich tread with caution and kept their distance for fear that they might ruin any one of these items on exhibit which could cost a king’s ransom.

‘Let’s look for a place to eat before attending the auction, shall we?” suggested Walter.

The party nodded eagerly as they had not eaten a thing throughout the journey.

Jared’s phone rang at that moment. Theodore called and asked him if he was going to attend the auction.

Jared told him that he was already at Jadeborough, to which Theodore expressed his delight by extending an invitation to Jared and his party to dine with him.

Jared was about to reject it as it would involve the mass coordination of too many people but remembered suddenly that Theodore’s influence might come in handy during his stay in Jadeborough. With that, he accepted the invitation.

Theodore was waiting at a restaurant with tasteful vintage decor. Theodore stood up to welcome Jared and his party when they arrived.

‘Mr. Grange!” roared Theodore with a jovial smile. “What a pleasant surprise to see you here as well!”

“General Jackson!” Walter snapped into a salute.

Even before his retirement, his had to salute Theodore for his rank was lower than the latter.

“There’s no need for such formalities, Mr.
Grange. You are an elder, so this isn’t proper.”

Lizbeth and Josephine greeted their host politely.

Theodore ushered Jared into the suite. “Mr.
Chance, after you. Everything has been prepared before your arrival.”

Without any more words exchanged, Jared and his party attacked the food with relish. We must be really hungry!

“Mr. Chance, there’s a huge turnout for this auction,” Theodore reported. “Even Sean Cooper will be here. I’ll like to implore that you control your temper when you see him. I will also warn Sean accordingly so that he will not be allowed to lift a finger against you.”

Though Jared was not afraid of the Coopers, it would not look good on him or on Theodore to pick a fight on such an occasion.

‘Don’t worry, General Jackson. As long as they steer clear of me, I wouldn’t have any cause to fight them.”

“Sean is a megalomaniac,” complained Walter.

‘If it weren’t for me all those years ago, he would have died abroad and the Cooper family won’t be as powerful as it currently is!”

The Coopers had gained a slow but steady foothold in Jadeborough with the unreserved help of Walter’s resources and manpower back in the day. Both families were so close that even Franco had been engaged to Lizbeth.
When Franco broke off the engagement, the Coopers had already become a powerful enough family in Jadeborough and had looked down on the Granges ever since.

When Walter stepped down, the influence of the Granges in Jadeborough was not as it was.
Moreover, the cancellation of the engagement by the Coopers did them no favor. Walter had never recovered. Even at the merest of mentions of the Coopers, Walter’s old grievances resurface like a fresh wound.

Lizbeth frowned. “There’s no use bringing up the old sad stories, Grandpa.”

Theodore was familiar with the tale of the Granges’ downfall. “It is true that the Coopers were ruthless in their quest for expansion back then,” he admitted with an awkward chuckle.
“You weren’t the only one used by them, Mr.
Grange. Don’t take it to heart.”

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