The Man’s Decree – Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Good Judge Of Character

Walter sighed without commenting

further. They’d used me all those years ago.
What’s the point of holding on to the grudge until now?

After their meal, Theodore personally escorted Jared to Jausden Auction House to prevent Sean from finding trouble with Jared.

Jared sensed the movement of spiritual energy upon setting foot in the exhibition hall. Though faint, it was enough to prove that there were indeed some authentic artifacts amongst the exhibits.

The vast space was filled with glass cabinets containing every antique one could imagine.

Glittering under the yellow fluorescent bulbs, they told stories of their origins.

“Mr. Chance!”

Jared turned toward the source of the familiar

voice only to discover that it was Tristan, who

quickened his pace toward the former. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Mr. Chance!”

Jared smiled at him. “When did you return, Tristan? How is Ms. Simmons?”

‘I’ve arrived yesterday just to attend this auction,” replied Tristan. “Megan is doing well.
In fact, she’s been inducted into the Crescent Sect!”

Jared felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.
After all, it was for his sake that her father, Dante, had sacrificed himself.

“Is this Mr. Chance, Tristan?” An old man joined them.

“Yes, he is, Grandpa,” introduced Tristan before turning to Jared. “Mr. Chance, meet my grandfather. Samuel Baileys.”

Jared nodded. “Mr. Baileys.”

Samuel sank into a deep bow. “What a fine specimen of a man you are, Mr. Chance! Itis the honor of the Baileys to be at your service.”

Samuel’s demeanor drew the attention of a large crowd. They could not comprehend how the patriarch of the powerful Baileys of Jadeborough could lower his voice and speak with so much courtesy to such a young man.

‘Mr. Baileys has a good judge of character,” Theodore said approvingly.

“No wonder the Baileys has such a long legacy.”

It was obvious that Samuel was aware of Jared’s true identity, which explained his reverence for the latter. It would do the reputation of our family well if the word were to get out that we are acquainted with an energy cultivator!

“General Jackson, you have flattered me. I am sure you could tell that Mr. Chance is no ordinary individual?”

As a testament to his discerning eye, Samuel had managed to deduce that Theodore, too, was aware of Jared’s identity.

Theodore laughed boisterously as they exchanged knowing winks.

‘This way please, Mr. Chance. So far, all of the exhibits you’ve seen pale in comparison to this.
The real treasures lie behind this door.” Samuel gestured smartly.

Jared nodded before following Samuel into the hall.

Before he took more than a few steps, Jared felt the icy-cold sensation of a murderous glare upon him which was followed by the appearance of a middle-aged man who was accompanied by a wizened, white-haired figure.

The younger man was the one who was staring at Jared as though intending to swallow him whole.

Returning the glare without a trace of fear, Jared knew instinctively that his silent adversary belonged to the Coopers.

Sure enough, Samuel stepped out and stood between the man and Jared. “What do you want, Sean?”

‘I just want a word with the kid, Mr. Baileys.
How quickly you jump in to the defense of your new master.”

Samuel scowled. Incensed, Tristan strode forward at once. “Another word out of you, Sean, and I’ll-”

“We adults are talking here, kid. Mind your manners!”

Sean’s eyes narrowed and without warning, emitted a burst of an invisible force around him that forced Tristan to stumble backward.

Theodore shot out an arm and caught Tristan before the latter fell. “Not here, Sean. We’re at the Jausden Auction House. Don’t you blame me for being ruthless!”

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