The Man’s Decree – Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Top Priority

Sean smiled pleasantly. “I only want a word with the boy, General Jackson. Is that against the law?”

Theodore didn’t say anything but glare at Sean.

Jared stepped out. “You have my attention.”

Sean gazed coldly at Jared from head to toe.
‘No matter what kind of powers you have at your disposal, the Coopers will not let you go for killing Franco. I assure you that you will not be leaving Jadeborough in one piece.”

Jared paid Sean’s threat no heed. The onlookers were stunned at the realization that Jared was the one who had killed Franco.

How brazen is he to have killed a member of the Cooper family and then strutted back to their turf!

By that point, many had developed an interest in Jared’s true identity. He is clearly somebody special to be able to provoke the Coopers by killing Franco, and for Samuel and Theodore to fawn over him in such a manner!

‘If Franco’s death isn’t enough, I’ll be happy to send more Coopers to meet him,” Jared said with a sneer.

‘How dare you!” Sean’s eyes widened as his.
knuckles crackled menacingly. If Theodore and Samuel weren’t there, I would have jumped on this little b*stard!

“You’ve got balls, kid. We’ll see how things go.” At that final threat, Sean turned around and disappeared into one of the rooms in the hall with the old man.

“Your safety in Jadeborough will be our top priority, Mr. Chance,” proclaimed Samuel grimly. “The Baileys will spare no expense for your safety.”

Jared smiled and nodded appreciatively before following Samuel into another room within the hall. However, the rest had to remain behind.

At first glance, the smaller room did not appear too dissimilar from the exhibition hall outside.
The only difference was that the antique ceramics that were on display in the smaller room was much fewer in number. In spite of that, the spiritual energy was much stronger.
Jared could almost smell the age of these items for they were far more ancient than anything displayed outside.

In the center of the room stood a large rosewood table surrounded by chairs. At the very center sat a well-mannered, bespectacled middle-aged man, who was accompanied by an old but serene-looking man.

‘That’s Galen Zane, Mr. Chance,” whispered Samuel. “He’s a businessman from Zaprington.
Next to him is Boris Yonce, the most powerful mage in their city. It was said that Galen is here with an extremely rare talisman that required the expert examination of Mr. Yonce. As you might have noticed, only the elite of Jadeborough was granted entry into this room.”

Jared nodded as he studied the other participants around the table. Though few in number, every single one of them was similarly accompanied by an old man. He hazarded a guess that they were hired to discern between authentic and counterfeit talismans. Even Sean and his geomancer were present.

Samuel led Jared to a seat across from Sean.
On Samuel’s other side sat a silver-haired geomancer clad in white. Despite being half- closed, his eyes somehow managed to emit a frostiness that made those seated around him shudder.

“Mr. Chance, this is Mr. Barnabus Holt, a geomancer under my employ.” Samuel made the introductions before turning to the wizened figure. “Mr. Holt, this is Mr. Chance.”

Barnabus did not even glance at Jared. “Is my service not sufficient for you, Mr. Baileys?” he said nonchalantly. “Why is a second opinion necessary?”

“You have mistaken, Mr. Holt,” Samuel clarified hastily. “Mr. Chance is only here to watch. Your expertise is still required, Mr. Holt.”

Though Jared was a cultivator, Samuel was.
certain that his guest was nowhere as experienced as Barnabus, who had spent years longer than Jared had been alive specializing in his craft.

“Hmm!” Barnabus grunted, seemingly satisfied by the explanation.

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