The Man’s Decree – Chapter 565

Chapter 565 The Highest Bidder Wins

Galen, who was seated on the head seat, sauntered his eyes through everyone present.
“Gentlemen, we have been in alliance for a good number of years, and I suppose I can be as frank as the day. I’ve brought along a few talismans with me this time around, and one of them was crafted by Mr. Yonce himself. It can effectively protect you from harm and even extend your age.”

After the brief introduction, a few wooden boxes were placed on the table. Any average joe would’ve figured out that they contained the talismans that Galen just spoke about.

Everyone’s attention was firmly drawn to them, and they were eager to know what magical items were lying in those boxes. They were dying to see for themselves what the mage of all times had created.

Seeing those zealous stares, Galen smiled faintly. “We’re going to abide by the old rules— the highest bidder wins. If none of you are interested, I shall put it on public auction. I really appreciate our strong fellowship, and that’s why I’m presenting these precious items to you before anybody else.”

“Mr. Zane, we know about the rules. Show us the items.”

One of the gentlemen expressed his keenness.

Galen nodded and opened the first box. The moment the wooden box was open, a chilly gust forced its way out of its captivity. The temperature of the room suddenly dropped by a few degrees, and that shook everyone high into alert!

When they took a closer look, they saw a black spherical bead. It looked nothing extraordinary and didn’t have the slightest sheen on its surface. No one would imagine it to be a talisman if it weren’t for the sensation that hit them a moment ago.

“Gentlemen, this used to be one of Master Genzo’s prayer beads and had been blessed by his persistent cultivation and chants. It’s effective in cooling one’s body and clearing one’s mind. Well, that’s not all. Mr. Yonce had also configured it to utilize geomancy for improving businesses!”

Galen’s tone portrayed his confidence in that black bead.

The rest of the crowd turned to the geomancers they’ve brought along with them, asking if that bead was the real deal.

“Mr. Holt, is this bead authentic?” Samuel whispered.

Barnabus remained skeptical about the object.
He hadn’t bothered to look at it further after the first glance. “It’s just an ordinary bead that looked good.”

“But, Mr. Holt, Mr. Zane said that this was one of Master Genzo’s beads and that nippy gush of air? We all obviously felt it when the box was opened, didn’t we?” Samuel looked at Barnabus, confused.

Samuel was convinced that the bead was not like any other beads.

‘I don’t mind leaving anytime if that’s the amount of trust you have in me.” Barnabus sounded displeased.

“No, no, no! Of course, I believe you. That’s why I invited you, right?” Samuel apologized frantically.

Jared was impressed by Barnabus’s prowess and was convinced that the latter wasn’t a mere charlatan, who was only after fame and fortune.

That black bead in the box was indeed a regular wooden bead. The cold air that encapsulated the room was a planned deception that had nothing to do with it.

Verbal tussles that took over the room came to silence after some time. It seemed that people had made up their minds.

“So, gentlemen, shall we start bidding for the bead? Remember, the highest bidder wins.
We’re going to start with three million, and the minimum bid increment will be ten thousand.”

Galen made the announcement with a smile after everyone had finished their discussions.

Funnily, people were exchanging glances, but no one was shouting prices. Probably they had figured out that the bead was spurious.

Galen was stupefied and froze for a brief second at the cold response. “Gentlemen, this bead is definitely worth the price. If none of you are interested, I shall put it up on auction elsewhere.”

His pitch created an awkward situation, and silence pursued. Galen sneaked looks at Boris with every chance he got.

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