The Man’s Decree – Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Desired By Many

“Mr. Zane, I’m sure you’re very well informed about our statures. We have all hired reputable mages concerning the veracity of your items.
They might not be as good as Mr. Yonce from Zaprington, but I’m sure that they could still tell if it’s fake. What a disgraceful act of you to trick us with a regular wooden bead!” Sean was disgusted by what Galen did.

“M-M-Mr. Cooper, n-n-no, no! It’s not a fake!” Galen’s face turned as pale as a ghost. “Well, if you doubt its authenticity, I’ll just auction it off somewhere else. Why would I want to jeopardize our solid relationship that had been flourishing throughout the years?”

Galen then gestured his man to remove that particular bead from the table and quickly opened the second casket.

There was a bronze mirror dotted with rust. It looked as if it was dug out fresh from the ground.

When he took the mirror out of the box, there were intermittent low hums ringing, and not long after, a blinding ray of light shot out of it.

“Gentlemen, this bronze mirror has a history of more than a thousand years! It was said that Cleopatra was the first owner of this amazing piece, and it will shield you from harm.”

Galen then lifted the mirror high and swiveled himself slowly to make sure that everyone saw their reflection on it. They all looked painstakingly ill, and dark clouds formed above their heads!

Shocked to the core, everyone looked up and then around them, but nothing was amiss.

“Gentlemen, all you have to do is look into this mirror every day, and unfortunate events would be at bay!” Galen put the mirror down as he tried to persuade the lot.

“Oh my, it is something extraordinary.” Barnabus, who wasn’t at all convinced at first, suddenly popped his eyes wide open and quivered in awe.

“Mr. Holt, are you saying that this bronze mirror is real?” Samuel was elated.

Barnabus nodded. “This bronze mirror is a talisman. Incredibly, it has the power to repel danger!”

Samuel was screaming joy inside when he heard that and was going to pay for the bronze mirror.

On the other hand, a geomancer was murmuring something into Sean’s ear. It was inaudible to the rest, but Sean’s face glowed with excitement after that.

Galen was gratified with their reactions and started asking for bids. “Gentlemen, this bronze mirror starts at twenty million. The minimum bid increment will be one mil—”

“Twenty million!” Samuel shouted his offer out loud before Galen could utter the last syllable.

“Twenty one million!” “Twenty two million!”

Bidders were relentless in pushing the price higher and higher!

‘Thirty million?”

Without notice, Sean pegged the price at thirty million.

‘Forty million!” Samuel upped the bid by ten million with no hesitation. He was fixed on bagging the bronze mirror.

‘Mr. Baileys, this mirror doesn’t have the power to ward off danger. It’s just an antique. Besides that, it has also entrapped a good deal of negative energy. I can guarantee that you will have trouble sleeping if you put it in your bedroom.”

Jared tried to lead Samuel out of fascination.

‘I didn’t know you are well-versed at talismans too, Mr. Chance.” Samuel was taken aback.

‘Just the basics, actually,” Jared replied indifferently.

“Hmph! It is very daring of you to utter such nonsense, young man. Do you know that it takes tens of years for one to cultivate magecraft? One will also need years of experience to be able to authenticate talismans. How much could a kid like you know about talismans?”

Barnabus was seething in fury as he reprimanded Jared.

That was inevitable because if what Jared said was true, then what he said was definitely wrong. On top of that, to be corrected by a lad, who was in his early twenties, was a blow to Barnabus’ pride.

“Mr. Holt, don’t mind Mr. Chance. It’s just a random opinion.” Samuel quickly put a stop to the argument. Who knows if this old man will be offended and walk away?

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