The Man’s Decree – Chapter 567

Chapter 567 The Wise Choice

‘Knowledge has nothing to do with age. It’s either you know it or you don’t. In other words, it’s your problem that you need tens of years to cultivate magecraft. I’m not as witless as you.” Jared nonchalantly made his point.

Bam! Barnabus slammed his hand on the table. “You brat, what did you just say?”

Something is going down today! Sean was.
enlivened to see the drama brewing.

‘Take it easy, Mr. Holt.” Samuel briskly got up and tried to calm Barnabus down.

‘Mr. Bailey, where is this kid from? Get this arrogant brute out right now, or I’m leaving.
There’s only room for one of us!”

Barnabus couldn’t hold his anger any longer and bawled at Samuel.

Samuel jolted to Barnabus’ fit of uncontrolled anger, and his face scrunched.

He couldn’t afford to offend either party, but Barnabus’ threat put him on the spot.

“Mr. Holt, it seems like the Baileys doesn’t respect you as much as you thought. He’s going against your will for that young fellow.
Why not be on the Coopers’ side? We will pay as much as the Baileys are willing to offer!”

Sean was adding fuel to the fire and managed to rattle Barnabus further.

‘Mr. Bailey, are you intending to offend me for that unruly kid?”

Samuel was on the verge of crying and darted his eyes toward Jared. To his consternation, the latter sat unruffled by the matter as if he wasn’t involved in that quarrel.

“Mr. Holt, Mr. Chance is one of our honorable guest, so-”

‘I see. I’ll leave then.”

Barnabus left in a huff before Samuel could finish his sentence.

‘Please, Mr. Holt. Don’t go just yet.”

Sean quickly stood in Barnabus’ way. “Mr. Holt, it’s the Baileys lost for not appreciating you, but we do! The Coopers have always admired you, so why not be our authenticator instead?”

Barnabus turned his head toward Samuel and Jared and tilted his head into a nod. “Very well, then. Since it is Mr. Cooper who values my expertise, I shall be at your service.”

Sean immediately gestured for his previous geomancer to leave and let Barnabus take that person’s seat.

Mortified, Samuel sat back down and looked at Jared.

‘Mr. Bailey, you’ve made a wise choice today.
You won’t regret it,” Jared murmured.

‘Mr. Chance, the Baileys shall entrust you fully with our wellbeing from now on.” Samuel humbly expressed his certitude.

“Alright. Forty million from the Baileys! Going once, going twice, and—”

‘Forty-five million!” It was Sean!

His exorbitant bid muted the room. People were throwing glances at each other, but none raised the price. Samuel loved the mirror, but without Jared’s approval, he couldn’t do anything but give up the mirror to Sean.

One by one, the magical items were disclosed.
However, Jared made sure that Samuel didn’t bid for anything. On the contrary, Sean won almost all the bids at sky-high prices, as advised by Mr. Holt.

Samuel was like a cat on a hot tin roof, but he didn’t dare to make any remarks, whereas Sean was all cheeky and chirpy, vexing the former further.

‘Mr. Bailey, it’s interesting how you would choose a dupable brat over an experienced mage like Mr. Holt. That kid might be talented, but unlike martial arts, magecraft requires much more than just that. I can’t believe that you’re deceived by a sprog. You are a shame to Jadeborough!” Sean grinned at Samuel.

Samuel was lost for words to defend his decision. He could only glare back at Sean.

“Laugh while you still can.” Jared took a sip from the cup of tea in front of him.

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