The Man’s Decree – Chapter 569

Chapter 569 Raise Our Bets

Samuel blushed at those uncalled-for remarks and cocked his head slightly toward Jared.
“You know, Mr. Chance, it’s not about the two hundred million. That’s not a big deal for the Baileys. It’s just that—”

‘lll honor your request if that’s really what you want.” Jared cut Samuel off before the latter could explain further why he wasn’t keen on the challenge. “But I think two hundred million is too little and not at all intriguing. I suggest that we raise our bets to two billion since that’s all I have.”

Jared then tossed his bank card onto the table and gave Sean an icy stare.

The silence in the room was deafening, and every single soul froze. It was no easy feat for someone of Jared’s age to own two billion.
Even the heir to the richest of the richest wouldn’t be given that amount of pocket money to splurge!

Sean’s mind went blank for a moment before he forced a smile on his face. “Wow. Aren’t you a guileful little rat? Do you think you can trick me into believing that you actually have that much on that card?”

Sean didn’t believe that Jared could pay up two billion. He did a background check on Jared and knew that Horington carried no affluent families. More so, Sean was from an average family. How on earth would he be able to accumulate that amount of wealth?

“Sean, if you don’t trust Mr. Chance, you should at least trust the Baileys, right? If Mr.
Chance couldn’t fork out that two billion at the end of the day, we will!” Samuel hissed.

That astronomical amount was a costly fortune to the Baileys but Samuel was more than willing to place his bet on Jared in order to earn his favor.

“Wonderful!” Sean flashed his widest smile. “I believe that the Baileys are able to provide that two billion since the head of the household himself had given the word. Two billion it is!”

When Sean was done confirming the bet, he looked at Barnabus steadfastly. “Mr. Holt, 1 shall trouble you for this endeavor. You shall take half of the bet when we win.”

Those were the magic words that launched Barnabus onto cloud nine. He had never seen a billion in his life!

“Mr. Cooper, rest assured that I will give my all.” Barnabus nodded firmly.

At that moment, all eyes were on Barnabus.
Everyone was curious about how he managed to see the secret that lay within the Disc of Eight Trigrams. They also wanted to know how he was going to activate the arcane array.

Galen and Boris’ eyes met and exchanged furtive but gleeful glances.

The bet on this disc was two billion, meaning there’s a limit to how low this item could be priced. Their decision to come to Jadeborough was unquestionably fruitful in the monetary sense!

Barnabus started chanting to the disc. Samuel was anxious and would steal glances at Jared every now and then. To his surprise, Jared was as calm as a millpond and didn’t bother to see what show Barnabus was trying to put on as if this whole challenge had nothing to do with him.

“Mr. Chance, have you figured out what that Disc of Eight Trigrams does?” Samuel couldn’t suppress his spirit of inquiry any longer when he saw how Jared remained totally unfazed.

His question drew the attention of many, including Sean, to Jared. They wanted to know if Jared already knew the secrets of this disc. It would be too gutsy of him to bet on something he barely knew, wouldn’t it?

All Jared did was shake his head in silence.

‘Hahaha! Mr. Bailey, I told you that he’s nothing but an inexperienced kid.” Sean attempted to bring Samuel down when Jared shook his head. “Does he know what a talisman is? Has he even seen one? It’s outrageous that you took him so seriously.”

The rest of the crowd brouhaha to Sean’s mocking, making Samuel absolutely mortified.

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